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whats this? maybe connection to ecu? help!

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  • whats this? maybe connection to ecu? help!

    hey guys hows it goin i was checking around under my dash and i found this weird looking connector im not sure what its for hopfuly ts for connecting to the ecu or something help me out please the rides a 1994 ford explorer xlt RWD 4L v6 and this is what it looks like

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    In a 94 it wont be for the ecu....that is under the hood, and its only eec4, which makes it OBD-1. Ford tends to leave a few connectors laying around just to confuse us....I assume that one would go to a module that your model did not come with.
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      Thats the connection to the time travel module, not the ECU. Unfortunately For never picked up on the idea of the Flux Capacitor, so you have to get the generic one. I think Auto Zone may have it.

      Obviously, I have no idea what its actually for. Gospeed.racer is probably right, just a connector for something you car doesn't have. Like an AT connector if its manual. If you can, get a hold of a complete wiring diagram for your car. I know that helped me find out about all the loose connection in mine.
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        ohh wow dumb ford haha k heres my other question for u guys can i do onboard managment via car pc? if so what do i need and where do i hook it up and how much does it cost :-P and if its worth it i was thinking bout changing up my old guages into digital ones from dakota digital but thatd b even tyter if i can make little screens for it i got an extra pc sittin around i can use that if needed so leme kno whats up guys thanks!!