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odb tool and software for Audi

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  • odb tool and software for Audi

    Any one have a computer in their car, Mac especially, that i tapped into 96 Audi A4? any one know where I can get info from? Google wasnt much of help this time.

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    I'm not sure, but Audi, as Skoda, Seat, and Volkswagen use VAG system for their diagnostics, search for that in google.


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      Try this, but i don't know if can run in MAC environment:

      Good Luck

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        Not many people have had much luck emulating ross-tech hardware on a mac due to timing issues but the new key series does most of the timing so you might have luck with it. If you live in canada I can get you in touch the the company who manufactures the OBD hardware for rosstech so you will save on duty etc. It is awesome software/hardware, there is nothing that the dealer can do that you can't (it can actually do more in some cases).