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    hey awesome site, just what i have been looking for.
    i've put the engine from a 1989 buick le sabre (3.8 V6) into my kit car. i am currently in the process of building a computer for the car. i will transfer the diagnostic plug and would like to monitor as many gauges as i can on the computer screen (15" non touchscreen LCD).

    i am also currently fabricating a new dashboard and would like to eliminate as many gauges as i can. i would ideally want only the tachometer and have fuel, oil pressure, voltage, and whatever else i can display on the screen.

    what data can i receive from the OBD 1 harness?
    i think there were only 3 or 4 wires connected to the harness.
    since my fuel guage is in the gas tank and does not go to the computer, is there a way to input the fuel level to the computer via another serial, usb or any other kind of input?


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    Man oh man, if you find out the answers to this you will be my hero!! I have been looking for the same thing, but have come up blank. Good luck!
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      There is a lot of info about this out there. A quick Google search on OBD1 or ALDL will yield what you are looking for. The place I got my cable has a boatload of links which point to free software for your laptop as well as trouble codes. Try as a place to get started, but you can go from there to just about all the info you need. It is also a pretty good how-to for getting started.