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Audi A3 2L TDI (new shape)

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  • Audi A3 2L TDI (new shape)

    Hi there people.

    I am wondering if the following cable would work with my 2004 Audi A3 2L TDI:

    From what I understand - it should work, but since I don't live in the states it means I can't replace it if anything goes wrong.
    Since I am pretty clueless about OBD in general I'd love if one of you guys give his/hers opinion.

    Also - I am a little confused - this item is a simple cable without any circit board/chips/resistors/etc...
    When I looked at other products (such as the one in I noticed there is also a small box with a circit board there, do I need that as well? or will the cable I found on ebay (+ the needed USB adapter...) will suffice?

    Thanks alot!

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    Read whats on that site and it should help.

    I own one of there cables and it works great. Plus they have the best VW/Audi diagnostic software around.


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      That cable will not work. I believe your can uses the CAN interface which that cable does not support. Plus using a usb adapter for a serial design causes all types of timmign issues and not all adapters will work right (it is a crapshoot). To top it all off you can't do much with the shareware version of vag-com other then check and clear codes, so save yourself that hassel and just buy the propper cable you need and get a licence registration. I am also bettering that ebay design is opto isolator based and I am not even going to get into how crappy that design is.