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    Hello there,
    my name is Rita and I am a software developer. I know nothing about cars, all I know is how to drive them.
    I would like to build an obd2 interface so I can use it. I cannot buy one because I would have to ship it here (lebanon) which is out of the question.

    I already have downloaded some free software online i just need the interface to test it with the cars.
    To tell you the truth, im not sure i understand the whole obd2 concept, but i really wana give this a shot.

    I was wondering if someone can provide me with the schematics and name of parts involved in building the circuit myself.
    Also, will the circuit work on all cars that have obd2?

    Im starting from scratch here and I would appreciate any help I can get. Please remember that I am a dummy user when it comes to cars, so the more precise the info the better.

    Thanks to all those who can help and to those who just made time to read my query.

    I can be reached on