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OBD-II in Astra H

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  • OBD-II in Astra H

    Anyone know where the OBD is located in a Opel/Vauxhall Astra H 2004 ?

    I've been looking at the side of the dash (The part the door covers up when closed), nothing
    There isn't much room between passenger seat and driver seat.

    I read it should be at most 3 feet from driver position, but I found a plug in the fuse box that was kinda similar, could it be it ? (The fusebox is above back left wheel)

    And another thing, an Opel/Vauxhall is that a European Car or a GM car (Since Opel is owned by GM) ?

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    Normally, the ODB connector is in ths fusebox.
    Opel is german.
    Opel is owned by GM.
    Daewoo was sold by Opel until last year in spain; now Opel sells instead of Daewoo Crhisler.


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      so would Opel use European standard og GM standard connector in the OBD ?


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        forget it, found out Astra H uses CAN instead.


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          why forget about it, doesnt your scan tool support CAN as well?
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            sorry was abit hungover this morning when question of what type is irrelevant, since CAN was the protocol name i was "looking for"
            I'm pretty sure I found it in the fusebox. I try taking a picture of it to confirm it.


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              Originally posted by Dan1el
              Anyone know where the OBD is located in a Opel/Vauxhall Astra H 2004 ?

              It's under hand-brake.. pull plastic trim, u'll see connector..

              see back side of gear.. rear-down corner..
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                hey Merruse got any pics of your carputer??
                Opel Astra GTC


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                  What can be programmed via this port under the handbrake? or in the fusebox? and can it be done via serial link to laptop? or is software required.

                  i'm interested in enable/disable of things like auto door lock, cruise controll, comfort closing.....

                  and hopefully ECU remap or is this a biggie with lots of wires/software.

                  i have all the TIS/EPC's and wiring diagrams, just need the cable now. then to go away and break my car


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                    i'd be most popular if i could do either of these

                    people would lurve me.