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A embedded datalogger on vehicle

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  • A embedded datalogger on vehicle

    Hello, I have to develop a datalogger for a specific application.
    The datalogger must be stand-alone in order to be embedded into a vehicle (in the passenger compartment). The purpose is to store data from several sensors (temperature, humidity, vibration etc) that are connected to the datalogger.
    After one year of measurements the recorded data must be sent to a personal computer for analysis.
    In fact I don’t need something accurate with high frequency acquisition since the data are stored in the datalogger only if there is some high variations with the sensors. But the data logger must have sufficient memory, a low power feeding and several channels (around 7).
    The dataloggers that I have found in some companies are quite expensive and I don’t want to design a printed board with a microcontroller, memory, A/D converters…
    So I would like to know if it’s possible to buy a board (and where?) including the necessary electronics elements and the possibility to connect several sensors. The board would be programmable and not very expensive.
    If anyone have any suggestions I will appreciate it. Thank you.

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    You might try the AutoWatch product of The amount of data you can log depends on the frequency of updates and the number of data values you are collecting. One year is a long time. Can you download to PC multiple times within that year?


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      I have seen the AutoWatch product. It could be interesting. Since it’s easy to use I can download the data to the PC each month. In fact the AutoWatch is connected to the diagnostic connector (DLC) of the vehicle but I don’t know if we can connect several sensors to the DLC? Do you have any idea DavidL? Thank you.


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        It might be there FleetWatch product that has external trigger capability that gets logged and reported via serial connection to PC. Send them an email.


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          Check out:

          I worked for these guys when I got out of college for a couple of years, their stuff can easily handle what you want.

          Pick up an issue of Circuit Cellar an excellent resource for similar products. Also, check out Nuts & Volts, another good magazine.


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            Thats where I work :-P
            1998 S10, with a bunch of crap in it.
            03 350Z Comin' soon