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  • Toyotas

    Hello there. New to the forums if it's not already blatantly obvious. Though I did do some searching and saw there seems to be very few posts about Toyotas. So my post here is to ask is there anyone out there with a Toyota or that could reccomend any specific app to read the Toyota-specific data.

    AutoTap (http:// looks good, but it mentions more about GMC and Ford vehicles so I'm unsure how well it'll work on my Toyota.

    Then ScanTool (http:// also looks good, though there doesn't seem to be anything newer than a 2003 model listed as a supported vehicle in thier listing.

    My goal here is to do some engine monitoring (logging and graphing) and some diagnostics, if possible.

    Please forgive the newbie tone of this post, I have tried to do some research on my own, just could use a few opinions

    Thanks much,

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    first you need to know wether your car is obdII compliant and what type.
    This link should help you

    Then have a search around these forums for scantool and autotap to make sure they work on your connector

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