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Technical data from obd2

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  • Technical data from obd2


    I would like to know if it is possible, using an obd2 datalogger (AutoWatch for example), to count the number of motor starters (when the driver starts the car with the key)?
    Is it also possible to store from obd2 the times of uses of the headlamps? I mean to detect when the headlamps are activated either the main beam or the long beam.
    But if it is not possible which solutions could work?
    If anyone has any suggestions I will appreciate it. Thank you.

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    You might want to look at a 1-wire Counter as an interface to your CarPC.
    You could add it to the power feed for both your ignition switch and another on your headlights. Maxim is the company that makes the chips. I think I recently saw a company that made both kit and assembled counters for like $25.

    You can't sniff the lights with OBD.
    There is a count of number of starts since last fault or something like that that might help with number of starts. Still would be kludgy.


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      Thank you.
      When you say there is a count of number of starts, is it a connector from the car that deliver this signal?


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        Depending on your make and model, the ECU tracks starts and warmups. In the Honda for example it is kept in permanent memory (will not clear when battery is disconnected). It's not a standard OBD2 PID, but mfgr specific. Unfortunately these are hard to get information on, but it may be worth a try. Headlight usage I don't know about but it's good information to have, are you using it to track bulb life? Seems like a good idea.


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          If the car supports In-use Performance Tracking (Service 9, Pid 8) then you can see the number of Engine starts.