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04 Mustang and Real Time OBD-II?

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  • 04 Mustang and Real Time OBD-II?

    Does anyone know what kind of data I can pull off OBD-II in real time while driving? I'm thinking of making my own interface, it'll be going in a 2004 Mustang (V6), and my main worries are accidently frying something, and what I'll be able to pull. Also, does anyone know of a good site with the OBD-II specs, or at least an explanation good enough to design an interface off of?

    Eventaully I'll be making a HUD with various guages, but I'm pretty far from that, or even display currently.

    *edit: Specificly, I think I'll need the specs for the PWM and CAN interfaces. I'm really hoping for CAN, but I'm not sure if my mustang has it or not, and can't run out and check right now.

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    Mike, you should check out what we have to offer at We work with hardware and hardware ~ both are open for people who wish to do their own development. I wrote a longer response, but it was lost in a timeout error on the forum .
    Joel Konecny
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      We are putting together a sponsor car. It's a 2001 Mustang V6. It will eventually feature OBD-II info, but if you want to see the progress of the install you can see it at

      Sign up and log into the site. The Mustang pics are located under 'Mobile-Effects Installs->Mustang Install'. We are currently in the fabrication and install phase. We will soon have pics up of the finished car. Be sure to check back in 1-2 weeks for more pics.

      This site says that Ford started using CAN in 2004:

      We will post more info on the OBDII once we get there. Sorry we don't have more helpful info at this time, we just wanted to say good luck with your Stang - we love seeing systems in Mustangs!

      Work in progress:

      Free file hosting, picture gallery hosting for installs, PM me.

      Internet's first Front End Skin browser, featured installs, downloads, links, informative articles - all free to registered users.


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        I have pins 2, 4, 5, 7, 10, 13, and 16. So it looks like it supports ISO/KWP and either VPW or PWM. Dosen't look like it has CAN unless it's on a weird pin.



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          Originally posted by SnyperBob
          we love seeing systems in Mustangs!
          and HAWT tri-spoke wheels


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            I'm interested in real-time OBD II for my Mustang too. Please keep us posted on what you find out Mike.

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              As of now, I'm leaning towards using a pre-made interface, like digimotojoel's site has. I'm not sure which of the two I want. This is for a Circuit Cellar design contest, and I have about a month and a half to do the whole system, so I don't want to deal with the OBD side that much. (It also looks like a HUD is out for now as well, but I'll have at least a text lcd interface going for now.) When I was planning on entirely homebrew, I was assuming that I had a CAN interface, which unfortunatly isn't the case. I'll put in a post once I get something good going on.



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                forget these interfaces.. get a sct xcal 2 handheld programmer with data logger... 42 samples/second.. its crazy fast, better then any of these interfaces including the ones i already have.

                i'm going to try shortly to figure out how it works to write my own software for it.. specifically for 0-60 times, shift points, etc.. dont really care about guages.

                oh, and you do NOT have a CAN interface.. those only started on the '05 mustangs.. you have a PWM
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