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Fiat Brava OBD-II Compatible?

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  • Fiat Brava OBD-II Compatible?

    Hi there,

    I have a UK-issue Fiat Brava 80SE 'W' Reg, (2000 build)

    I'm wondering if anyone knows whether this model is compatible with OBD-II. I tried asking Fiat UK and their response was "What is ODB?" (sigh)

    General consensus on the net (so far) is that it *is* compatible. However, I've furkled around behind the dash looking for the 16-pin ISO connector and drew a blank.

    So, anyone have any ideas?



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    Did you ever find an answer? I've got a Bravo HGT 155 and looking into the very same thing!
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      Just find this connector... You must have it somewhere. It must be near the driver seat, in a place where you don't need tools to get to. (is it correct in english? mmmh... )
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        Fiat Brava OBD socket

        I've a Brava JTD105 HLX (Italian version, 1999), and it's about a week I'm looking for a OBD connector inside my car. Well, it seems that only bravo/a vehicles starting from 2000 have 16 pin OBD socket (i.e. Bravo JTD100 2000 has a OBD socket under the steering wheel, behind a felt cut under the fuse box).

        I'm sure you have the FiatTEST socket (3 pole connector) attached to the fuse box, inside the engine bay.
        This 2 wire bus, has the 'K' line you should use on the standard 16 pin OBD connector to read engine parameters. Someone said that an adapter exists.

        At the moment, I've no idea of converting FiatTEST to OBD. Probably these are the same thing on a different socket.
        If you have any other infos about locating OBD connector, please contact me.


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          Quite all has solved. Here are some answers:

          Brava 1.9 JTD105 (1999): there is not a standard OBD 16 pin socket, but more dedicated diagnostic sockets; for example here is the "injection socket", compatible with OBD 16 pin connector K-Line:

          (thanks to my friends Joske and Jug)

          OBD Connector Pinout:
          Pin 4 - Chassis Ground
          Pin 5 - Signal Ground
          Pin 7 - K Line
          Pin 16 - Battery Power (+12v)

          pins 4, 5, 7, will be directly connected to the 3 pin connector on the car using some wire.

          Brava 1.9 JTD100 (2000):

          It has a standard OBD socket, under the felt down the internal fuse box (driver side)

          (Thanks again to Joske)

          Bravo HGT 20V:

          The "injection diagnostic" is in the same place as the fuse box as

          Brava 1.2 16V (80):

          Quite the same as HGT; you should instead find against the
          metal wall, under the windshield glass cleaners.

          Hope this useful...


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            Here is what they adivesd to me

            OBD Connector Pins 3 Pin Connect on car
            Pin 5 - Signal Ground__________Black = signal ground (to ECU)
            Pin 7 - K Line________________White = K line (to ECU)
            Pin 4 - Chassis Ground________the remaining pin, although any good earth will do.
            Pin 16 - Battery Power (+12v)________Direct to battery positive terminal.


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              You may find this information on the pins useful.

              Remember that in the EU vehicle's (petrol) we only required to be OBD2 compliant by 2001, this is 2004 for diesel. This may explain why you are find diagnostic ports only on some cars.