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Can I extract NMEA formatted GPS data from OBD-II?

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  • Can I extract NMEA formatted GPS data from OBD-II?

    Hello All,
    I would love to do to above. I currently stick a gps reciever on the dash of my 2003 Saab 9-5 Aero and it bugs me a little b/c heck I have a gps antenna on the roof for OnStar and I have this OBD-II plug next to my leg. So you see where my question comes from. I would love to go from OBD-II to USB and have my laptop get some NMEA data. So if anyone can shed some light on this matter. PLEASE do. Thanks in advance for any input! Louis.

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    There were some posts a while ago about hacking OnStar to get the GPS data, I don't think it came through the OBD2 connector though, I think you have to hack in to the OnStar. OBD2 is quite specific to a given purpose, there are extra connections available for manufacturers to do their own thing but I doubt you'll get GPS through it.

    I'd stick with the GPS you have and look into locating the antenna somewhere you're happier. It'll work through plastic or glass, how about on the dash or under the plastic dash? Maybe rear shelf? Try it anywhere that there's no metal between it and the sky.

    On my car at the bottom of the windshield (outside) there is a plastic piece before the hood starts, my GPS is affixed to the underside of that plastic where it cannot be seen. Works great.


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      Thanks for the quick reply

      Thanks for the reply and the suggestions. Can I ask you some questions? I assume you were talking about aftermarket GPS? If so, what antenna are you using? Does it output NMEA? How do you power it? Thanks again for the guidance! Louis.


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        I have two GPS units I am using. One is a Deluo USB GPS "Mouse" so it doesn't have a separate antenna, it is like a matchbox on a wire. The box is fixed under the plastic as I said above then the wire runs to the PC. The other is an IOGear BlueTooth GPS, this one has an external antenna so that is installed under the plastic and the actual GPS is in the glove box. The connection in this case is wireless (Bluetooth).

        The USB one is USB powered. The Bluetooth one is rechargable and can run off the cig lighter. Note that I think Deluo also do a GPS with and external antenna now too.


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          idk what this is but try looking at it

          i think
          it might help
          soon getting nissan 350z omggggg