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  • ABS Help?

    I have a question as to whether an OBD scan will help me with my problem. A regular hand scan tool showed no errors when my mechanic friend pulled codes. The Acura dealer said their machine showed "more codes than they had ever seen". I have a problem involving the VSA(traction control) and ABS warning lights on a 2001 Acura CL-S. The VSA light will come on with or without the ABS warning light. Sometimes they do not come on at all. The dealer did not seem to know where to start. Will DigiMoto or other PC scan software pull codes related to the ABS system or are these systems only accessible by the dealer? By the way, the car drives fine, but the lights must mean something?

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    usually whatever lights up on your instrument cluster has nothing to do with the actual problem.. its just the car trying to communicate whats wrong with what little it can display... for example if abs lights up while check engine flashes prime numbers it probably means piston 16 had a misfire. (at least you get the idea) But i dont see any reason why a carpc with odbII software couldn't pull codes... its the purpose.


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      Most cars have far more codes than the standard OBDII required set. For example, my VW has hundreds of different codes that are proprietary to VW. It is entirely possible that there are codes for your car that aren't showing up on a generic auto scanner.

      I'll bet some of the Acura boards will have information on this.
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