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Linking pc car with OBD-II

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  • Linking pc car with OBD-II

    I'm spanish, sorry for my bad english
    I'm installing a car pc and i want to link pc with OBD-II but i don't know.
    I don't know what type of dates can i receive for the connector or like interpreting them, i'm coder and don'y any problem for have a program pc for readind them.
    This dates have some type of iso??

    thanks all

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    maybe this link will help you.

    or you could search. there are a lot of other posts about OBD-II here.
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      Ok, i saw the web of your post but i don't understand if i need other thing for read OBD-II aside of pc and if i can program a soft for read this.
      i don't understand very english for this i don't search very information on this page.