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OBD2 protocols??

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  • OBD2 protocols??

    Hi, new here. I was wondering if anyone could help. I have recently been exploring the world of obd diagnostics and have gotten use to VAG diagnostics. But recently i decided i would want to diagnose my own car. 2000 peugeot 306 GTI-6. It has the same engine and wiring as the CITROEN xsara VTS

    I recently bought an elm323 obd2 connector for use with digimoto! Having tried the VAG obd2 cable with my car with no luck i thought the elm323 connector should work as my car is listed for the ISO protocol. I connected it up and REd light came on meaning there was power going to connector then started software and turned ignition on. The software recognised the cable and connected, but it is failing to connect to the CAR. It does not recieve any real time data or recieve fault codes.

    Could this be to the BAUD rate?? as i presume its 9600 standard? Also had anyone successfully connected their gti-6/vts with obd2. I have also tried genric code readers with no luck. It seems that only PEUGEOT dealer can cater for this diagnostics???

    thanks in advance

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    My Subaru's ISO odb baud rate is 4800. Try setting to that.


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      Originally posted by wi77iam
      My Subaru's ISO odb baud rate is 4800. Try setting to that.
      How do you set the baud rate with digimoto??


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        I'd suggest troubleshooting with hyperterminal first. Make a plain serial connection with the appropriate comport set at 9600 baud, with no parity and no handshaking and see if your interface responds to commands as described in the ELM323 datasheet.

        Hope this helps.
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          It seems that Peugeot had got his own ODB protocol until years 2000-2001 (for gazoline and petrol engine).

          Only cars after 2001 have a standard ODBII protocol...To be confirmed.
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            Wow coucouillu, I'm glad I saw this post. Both because I now know my 2001 306 HDi should be fully compliant, and also because that the heater 'overhang' in the 306 doesn't get in the way of a flip out screen.

            Thanks a million!!