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How long is the OBDDiagnostic's cable?

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  • How long is the OBDDiagnostic's cable?

    What the topic says, how long is that cable?
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    i would GUESS 4 feet. Its enough to reach from the connector in the drivers side kick panel back to undernear the rear bench in my 01 altima. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      I dont know if you're asking about a specific vendor's cable, or in general. If it's a specific vendor just email their technical support.

      In general -- Section 6.4 (page 9) of standard SAE J2534-1 defines the maximum cable length between PassThru device and vehicle as five meters. In reality, some vehicles or low-quality interfaces may require a much shorter cable.


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        Six feet is typical. Many vendors supply one like this with their hardware:
        OBD II Cable

        High quality 6-foot (1.8 meters) OBDII Cable Type C (J1962 to DB9F), with molded connectors and strain relief. Works with all of our OBD-II interfaces, as well as interfaces made by other scan tool manufacturers such as AutoTap.

        That gets you from the car's port to the interface. Then you use a serial cable to get from the interface to the PC. RS232 spec usually allows up to 50 feet without any special stuff.

        Next time put a little more thought into the question you ask and you will likely get better answers.