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  • Not OBD

    For those which have car with Bosch ECU, i'm building this damn connector which is very tough to find. The idea is to put this connector which is not yet wired, between the male and female factory connectors. The one i'm building is a simple pass-through designed to intercept informations while they go to motronic.

    These are only the molds.

    Behind view, ugly isn't it...i don't care as this part will be shorten to avoid thinckness of this plug and to allow me to wire this pass through plug. The exit will be wired with a simple centronics plug or Sub-D25 to allow host computer to plug-in.

    So the real connector should be ready tomorrow only as 24h are needed for the crystal clear resin hardening.
    After that still needed to wire it.

    In addition of that i will soon start production of little hardware able to fetch informations from the motronic's, it could work with some other ECU but i don't have enough informations about other makes.
    This is only for cars before 88 after it's useless as they should be OBD compliant.
    So the hardware i built is running but i still need to build a box for it...i'm trying few things to find a design, including this sweet remote from an old IQR83...

    The hardware is working with genuine sensors and hangs on the original harness without having to soldering or cut or mess with electrical circuits.
    It is able to send informations to a little LCD display and btw work in a standalone way (without necessary Car computer) and towards a standard serial port for storing in flat file or excel file, there's also a special version which interacts with a frontend.
    Wireless Bluetooth connection is also planned to be usable with a simple PDA.

    You may find more informations here