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  • Please Help...i`m new at this

    OK now....I`ve started this thread because of one simple reason : I`m new at this and I`m tired of head ackes ....I`ve read a lot of threads on this forum and other forums containing technical references,standards and other....and I still haven`t find answers to my questions. My goal seemed easy initialy but looks impossible to achieve now ...All I want to do is chip tune a car using a software (the car brand&model are not important, I mean a car newer than 1996) ....As far as I read that is kinda possible through the OBD2 interface ( I even found the right program -> MegaTune ....or at least I think i did ) I`ve progressed a little....what I don`t have is the cables (which I will buy)....I found someone selling a ELM-Multiprotocol cable (whatever that is) and I understood that works with cars newer than 1996...should I buy it ? I have the right cable and software (is MegaTune good for chip tuning?) and of course the knowledge to modify the ECU parameters, is my nightmare over ? Or is this just the begining? PLEASE HELP ....someone...anyone who had succesfully done this in the past (chip tuning)....10x in advance

    Please excuse my bad english :P.....oh....and my awfull lack of knowledge in this huge only help is the internet ()

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    The first thing to learn is it totally depends on what you drive, because every vehicle works differently. Also, most of the crappy tools ignore standards and only work with specific hardware and software combinations.

    As far as I know MegaTune is locked to MegaSquirt hardware. Doesn't it expect you to completely bypasses the existing engine controls? It has little or nothing to do with OBD, but correct me if I'm wrong because I've never actually used this system in a vehicle.

    The ELM is a low-cost, low-performance vehicle interface. It does not comply with any standards. If you find software designed to work specifically with this tool, then you might want to buy one. It doesn't provide any useful reflash voltages, so it's not a tool I would recommend.

    In many cars, it is absolutely possible to reflash or tune using the OBD connector. Automakers provide tools to update the factory (stock) calibration using your laptop and a standard PassThru vehicle interface like CarDAQ-Plus. For example most Fords and GMs since 1996 can be flashed over the OBD connector. With Honda this is only true for 2001 and newer. The automakers usually try to prevent custom tuning with security keys, encryption, and other techniques. The procedure is different for every car, so you need specialized software.

    Start by looking for software that works with your specific car, then decide what matching hardware you need to buy. If you give the vehicle make and model, maybe somebody will have some suggestions.


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      10x 4 letting me know about the CarDAQ-Plus. I`ll read whatever i will find about it and probably ask future questions...10x again


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        Essatially you need either a tool made specifically for your brand or model of car or you can get something like the cardaq or any other J2534 compliant hardware control to connect to your car. I've seen an inexpensive one that works on High Speed CAN called ValueCAN that is J2534 compliant. The cost is around $295. But still you'll need software and a file to reflash if you use a J2534 tool. This is difficult to find if your not a supllier to an OEM. I think tools such as the ones found at Bully Dog ( would work just great for you as well. They are all in one tools that are specific to the make and model of your car but they can reflash and best of all re-reflash so that if something goes wrong you can return to factory settings and not void your warantee cuz they won't know.

        Reflashing is not any easy thing to wrap your head around but it is essentially sending a new program to the module so that it will perform in a different manner. You can do this with a number of tools, but it's finding the write one for your vehicle that is the trick.

        Hope this helps..
        Hack your car's CAN BUS at


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          FYI, for a low-cost device the Mongoose costs a hundred bucks less at $195. But agreed. The whole trick is to find the right software for your specific vehicle.


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            I went to but i haven`t found anything usefull.....for the moment I`ll stick to CarDAQ-Plus (altough is quite expensive)....can someone tell me a link where I can download examples of programs (with source code) that use CarDAQ-Plus`s API ? (scan tools,reflashing,etc...) I downloaded the manual from and it is said there that I can download the SDK free of charge but I`ve googled it and found nothing.....Mongoose seems a good choice but you were right...finding the right program is the tricky part especially because most of the programs I encountered were only scan tools and provided only rpm,mph,airflow,etc.., and error codes read from the tuning ......I gave up MegaTune since I don`t have the knowledge/parts needed to build MegaSquirt and I rather buy a fully functional device than losing months trying to build one of my I guess my search carries on....