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  • OBD2 Audi A3 Cable Software

    Hey i bought this cable,

    It is an audi a3 1997, I am wanting to use the software OBD-DIAG. I have the software installed and the usb cable installed and in the software it recognises the com 6 port which it is installed as. However when i plug into the car with the laptop i try connecting and it just comes up not connected.

    Any suggestions on how to get it to work? I was tryin to use other software such as VAG-COM but couldnt understand how to get the drivers to work, so any help with this also would be great.


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    Hey can any1 shed some light on this cos im really struggling and its gonna be awesome when i get it workin.

    I have been tryin to get it workin for hours and hours! Really need it to work. Please!!


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      Got my Audi A3 working OK with Vac Com 311.2.

      Got my lead from, dont know if your lead is the same but it looks similar. Try following these instructions driver instructions.doc
      Four-Sprung Duck Technique


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        Thanks for ur reply. That is the same cable and its the same seller i bought mines from. That link u posted wouldnt work on my computer. Do you think you could post whatever the instructions where. That would be a great help or just how u got urs to work.


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          Try this one

          Driver Installation Instructions
          Note: These instructions are for Windows XP (which we recommend). Installation under Windows 98/ME/2000 is similar, but not necessarily identical. Make sure you have already downloaded and installed VAG-COM Software on your PC before following these instructions.
          1. Download the driver here. It is recommended that you save it in its own folder on your computer for future use.
          2. Open the driver file and "unzip" the file into its own folder. If your version of windows does not support the ".rar" format, you can enable the format here.
          3. Plug your Ross-Tech USB Interface to your PC's USB port.
          (It is not necessary to connect the interface to the vehicle yet)
          4. "Found New Hardware Wizard" will start. choose "Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)"
          5. On the next screen:
          Select "Search for the best driver in these locations"
          Check "Include this location in the search:"
          Use the [Browse] button to find the folder you saved the driver files in. Click "OK" then "Next"
          6. "Hardware Installation" screen pops up. Click "Continue Anyway"
          7. Click "Finish"
          NOTE: If the new Hardware Found Wizard does not appear when you plug in your interface, go to Device Manager and look for the interface. It should be under Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controllers or under Other Devices. If it's there, Right-Click it and then select Update Driver. Then you can start at Step 4 in the instructions above.
          Determine the correct "Port" setting
          Note: These instructions are for Windows XP (which we recommend). Installation under Windows 98/ME/2000 is similar, but not necessarily identical.
          Open the Device Manager and determine which COM Port the cable is using and make sure it occupies its own COM Port. This is the COM Port setting you use when you "Test" the interface in the Vag-Com software setup.
          1. Plug the Vag-Com Cable into an available USB port on your computer.
          2. Now open the "Device Manager". Open the "Control Panel", click the "System" icon, in the "Hardware" tab Click "Device Manager".
          3. In the Console Tree, double click "Ports (COM & LPT)"
          4. Verify that the device "USB KKL Interface VCP" has its own COM Number that is not in use by another port. If you need to change it, double click the device, click the "Port Settings" tab, click "Advanced", then change the "COM Port Number".
          5. Make a note of the COM Port number for setting the Vag-Com software.
          Testing the COM Port in the Vag-Com Software
          1. Download the VAG-COM release 409.1 for serial port. Yes, you should use the software for serial port!
          2. Plug the cable into the computer and into your vehicles socket. *Turn the ignition on.
          3. Start the VAG-COM software.
          Click the [Options] button.
          In the "Select COM Port" box, select the "COM Port" that the device uses as displayed in the Device Manager. * Please select COM3
          4. Click the [Test] button.
          5. It should display "Interface Status: Found!".
          If this test is not successful check the following:
          1. Other software or devices using USB ports or the same COM Port could be conflicting. To troubleshoot, Uninstall suspected software.
          2. It will not work on vehicles with the CAN-BUS System.
          3. The cable must be plugged into the vehicle with the ignition on.
          4. Check that the driver is installed and configured as outlined above.
          User's Manual Version 311.2 (PDF format)

          User's Manual Version 409 (PDF format)

          Solutions to the most common problems. For more detailed troubleshooting, see the User's Manual above.
          First, make sure all directions above for installing driver files and configuring the COM Port where performed.
          Make sure your using software Version 311.2 or 409.1 from Install "For the Twin-USB Interface"
          Make sure your using the item on a VW, Audi, Skoda or Seat vehicle.
          Service Pack 1 for Windows 2000 adversely affects VAG-COM's ability to do real-time and makes communications with some controllers unreliable. If using Windows 2000 with Service Pack 1, you should apply Service Pack 2 or Service Pack 3.
          If when you try to connect to a control module, it won't connect or you get the error message "Can't Synch Baud Rate", go to the Options Screen and try setting the Start Baud to 9600. If 9600 doesn't work, also try 4800 and 1200. Turn the car's ignition OFF and back ON after each failed attempt to connect!
          Ross-tech does have some info and troubleshooting:
          Common Diagnostic Procedures:
          Other known issues:
          Four-Sprung Duck Technique


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            Its ok, i got it to work. Ill try that.


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              See when you installed the drivers does it appear in ur device manager as "USB KKL Interface VCP" because in mines it just appears at USB Serial Port. I dont understand because the instructions appear to say that when you install the driver it should be listed as USB KKL Interface VCP. Thanks


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                this cable works now with VAG COM but i would like to use some other software with it. I want to use OBD Diag but it doesnt work for some reason. Anyone got any other software that is got a nice graphical interface?