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Was there a solution found for non-ODB vehicles?

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  • Was there a solution found for non-ODB vehicles?

    On 12Jan2004, Confused posted this:
    Old car/engine, non ODB, how to get RPM/speed/temp/etc into carputer

    Was there ever a soultion that came about to use the carputer to monitor/replace the original gauges on a vintage/non-ODBI/II car?

    I searched and searched, but I could not locate anything for non-ODB vehicles. Maybe I am using the wrong search criteria, although I have tried everything that I could possibly think would be in a post covering the subject...

    Could someone please point me in the right direction?


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    Well one way would be, and might be only way, is use a serial interferance w/ custom software. You may need to throw in a digital to analog converter. If you spedo is cable driven, your out of luck. A non-cable one would have a speed sensor somewhere that puts out a pulse that would have to be inputed via serial bus and custom software to convert the pulses to a speed.