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    so what i'm looking to do is recreate the old hks camp system in my car. basically im trying to use electronic senders (vdo, autometer, ect) and run them through my pc instead of trying to find a place to put gauges in my car. can anyone point a starting direction??? thanks

    might be the wrong forum but i figured this would be the best starting place.

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    i would also like to know more about this. i like the hks camp system but i want to make a few tweaks. anyone?


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      What is it that this CAMP system does? Is it similar to the Motec digital dash board? What is it that you're wanting to see?

      Using one of the many OBD-II Scantools and software(freeware/shareware/commercial) thats out there, you can retreive most of the sensor readings from your ECU and display them on a carpc setup in realtime. You do need to have some sort of carpc setup though, whether that be a full incar intergration, laptop or handheld PDA.

      I can't think of any standalone systems off the top of my head that do anything like that for a reasonable price. Perhaps a G-tech Pro or an AVCR/RSM setup might do what you're looking for.

      Having said that though, I know those Motec dash kits are like Au$2000+. A G-tech is a few hundred as is an AVCR/RSM setup. For the money you could spend on those with only limited information displayed, you can get a carpc setup that reads almost all, if not all of your ECU sensor information in realtime, plus you can get navigation, xxx gb of mp3s and play videos and dvd's all in one schmick looking package.

      Take a look around the site and you'll quickly learn that there's a lot you can do with a carpc
      I installed my carpc into my pet Kangaroo, mate.


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        The HKS Camp was a great product. It had lots of functionality but didn't catch on I guess due to the price of monitors a few years ago since it didn't come with a display.

        But it was an excellent device and is what Nissan used in the R34 Skyline GT-R to measure parameters of car.

        It had a digital gauge setup or analog setup with lots of other features.
        I'd love to find something that could display this digital style setup(first pic).

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