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MPG for Nissan Titan

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  • MPG for Nissan Titan

    Newbie here!
    Been reading alot of post here about connecting carputer to ecu in car. The more I read the more confused I am getting. There is alot of info here and my brain is fried with too much info.
    My question is that I want to connect to my 04 Nissan Titan and the most important thing I want to see is my MPG. I see that the scantech program will show MPG. Will this work on my truck and what cable do I need to be looking for?

    If any one else has connect to a 04 Titan let me no what you use as far as software and hardware.

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    yeah I am interested in this as well


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      my br-3 from reads the MPG on my 01 altima. Would probably work for your titan as well. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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        Try this one out.

        This one will work with the Titan, it costs alot though.