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AutoTap used to develop custom software!

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  • AutoTap used to develop custom software!

    Yes, it is possible! I recently received my AutoTap v3.00 and was pulling my hair out trying to get the provided software to meet my expectations and the inflated claims on the web site. Well I found a .pdf file with the specifications including the full communication protocol of the AutoTap right on their web site for download. I guess you just have to know what to look for. Anyway you can google LDV6S which is the hardware device used for autotap. Also you can purchase just the hardware on their site for about $150 but then both the hardware & software package is only $200 anyway. So goto the autotap site or google and search for product LDV6S and download the manual and youll be on your way. I have connected to the hardware with a terminal program (Procomm Plus) and I also purchased the autotapv3 with the software but an increasingly frustrated with the software since it has been updated but the manual is SO FAR behind the software, it is so frustrating. Enjoy. I would post a link to it but its just a .pdf file so I could'nt.


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    Link hopefully works

    Try this.


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      Dodger, the link didn't work. I got the following message:

      "We're sorry ... due to site redesign, the page you requested is no longer available."

      But, I was able to get it from the Autotap site
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        Yea, I noticed it wont work either. So you still have to get to it by other means. If you use the search engine and type in LDV6S and hit GO FETCH it is the first search result that lists at the top!

        I checked and that way to get to it still works!


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          Has anyone gotten anything written? I aslo have an AutoTap v3, and their software is not good enough. I'm going to try to figure something out with VB6 but if anyone could give me a jumpstart.


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            Our PCMSCAN software fully supports the Autotap interface.
            Brian @ Palmer Performance Engineering, Inc.