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Renault Megane II 1.9DCI

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  • Renault Megane II 1.9DCI

    I have a renault megane II dci Coupe cabriolet and i don't know if i can use an ISO OBDII because in the lists i see only for gasoline... somebody can help me?
    Renault Megane Coupé Cabriolet
    P3 550 mhz 256 mb RAM 15 gb hd, dvd.
    gps handsfree parrot ck3300
    windows xp sp2
    road runner
    map monkey and viamichelin mapsonic
    Touchscreen 7" fully motorized in-dash

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    Renault conforms to EOBD, so if your OBD kit supports both standards, you should be grand.
    OBD kit that only supports OBD-II is a bit more problematic.

    This, I found out for myself, by hooking my iPhone up to my Laguna II.
    One app supports both standards, and communicated with the car without any problems.
    The other app supported only OBD-II, and wouldn't connect with the car at all.

    The Mégane II is new enough to conform to EOBD as well.
    All petrol cars sold new in Europe after 2001 and all Diesel cars sold new after 2004 are required to conform to EOBD,
    but in practice, most European diesel cars introduced between 2001 and 2004 also conform to EOBD,
    because the diesel cars are, aside from the engine, much the same as the petrol cars.

    The port should be hidden behind a plastic blanking plate below the keycard reader.

    I hope this answers your queries.


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      Hi xuri,

      Take a look on your vehicle listing.. listing
      Be carreful some dCi's engine returns 00000000's to mode 1 which means you can not read any sensor from OBD