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HELP:2001 Mercedes CLK without OBD!!!

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  • HELP:2001 Mercedes CLK without OBD!!!

    Hi all,

    I have a 2001 Mercedes CLK (W208) and it has not OBD II interface!
    It is manufactured on Dec 2000 and has licence paper Jan 2001.

    Car sold in Germany and now I'm located in Greece.
    I had heard that European Union has laws that force car companies to have OBD after 2000 on petrol cars.
    Is this correct?
    If yes what can I do?

    Please help, I have buy the OBD interface and software, as I could not imagine a 2001 car does not have OBD II.

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    I found this:
    "With effect from 1 January 2000 for new types and from 1 January 2001 for all types, vehicles of category M1, except vehicles the maximum mass of which exceeds 2500 kg, and vehicles of category N1 class I, must be fitted with an on-board diagnostic (OBD) system for emission control in accordance with Annex XI."

    Does anybody know if it is againts the law my case?


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      Originally posted by sstylos View Post
      . . . must be fitted with an on-board diagnostic (OBD) system for emission control in accordance with Annex XI."
      There's a connector in the engine bay (38-pin I believe) that is used for on-board diagnostics, but it is not OBD-II compliant. With the way that law is phrased, they make no mention of the on-board diagnostics having to comply with OBD-II standards.

      There is a company that makes a product that can interface with the aforementioned connector, but it's obviously not going to help you out with your already purchased OBD-II hardware/software.
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        On the same page from EU site:
        "(f) Sections to are replaced by the following: " One of the following standards with the restrictions as described must be used as the on-board to off board communications link:

        ISO 9141-2 "Road Vehicles - Diagnostic Systems - CARB Requirements for the Interchange of Digital Information";

        ISO FDIS 11519-4 ..."

        I'm not 100% sure, but I beleive the above standards are ODB II .

        Does anybody has more info, as search on subject I don't know will take me ages.

        Has Mercedes brake the law in my case?


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          Just for reference, my Mercedes is OBD II compatible but without OBD socket! It has only the round Benz 38 pin socket under the bonnet.

          But Benz38 pin can be converted to ODB II:

          "Re:Mercedes and 38 pin socket
          « Reply #6 on: September 12, 2004, 07:33:36 AM »

          I just had a successful try on the 38 pin connetor of my Mercedes. It worked perfectly. I could read fault codes and the sensor information. Here are the information to share. My car is a 1998 C280, the connections I made to the 38 pin connector are:
          Pin 1 - Ground
          Pin 3 - Positive power
          Pin 4 - K-line (OBD II ISO)
          Pin 15 - L-line (OBD II ISO)
          The reference information I used is from ALLDATADIY.COM.
          The circuit diagram there shows connection between the 38 pin connector (X11/4) and the standard 16 pin OBD II connector (X11/22) installed on the US models"

          I have try and I confirm that it works.
          I have also try the connection that many cables to OBD or DB9 sold on EBAY.
          They use just pins 1,3,15 and they don't work on my car (possible OBD I ?).

          I hope my post will help someone else .


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            OBD II pins:
            Pin Signal Description
            2 J1850 Bus+
            4 CGND GND
            5 SGND GND
            6 CAN High J-2284
            7 ISO 9141-2 K-LINE Tx/Rx
            10 J1850 Bus-
            14 CAN Low J-2284
            15 ISO 9141-2 L-LINE Tx/Rx
            16 +12v Battery power

            Benz 38 definition and pins map:


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              Conversion cables are also available, e.g. this one .

              Hope this helps,



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                Originally posted by UKOBD View Post

                Conversion cables are also available, e.g. this one .

                Hope this helps,

                hm any one tryed it out on a uk 1999 202?
                Am I correct in believing there is no L-Line, and the K lines is on pin #19 which is conflict with the U.S 202's that report sucess.. which use pin 1 & 3 for power/grnd and pin 4 and 15 for the K and the L lines..

                any one want to clarify what do you loose for not having a L-line???
                what the hell is this bull****@!


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                  Did anyone manage to sort this at all as I am interested in knowing myself. Bloody connectors! grrr
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                    We sell a number of these convertor cables succesfully - this is largely due to the US rules meaning that cars had to be compliant from 1996.

                    EU vehicles were not fitted with the 16-pin connector until 2001 (ish), but often compatible via the 38-pin due to sharing ECU's with US market vehicles.

                    It is important to recognise that this only applies to petrol vehicles however, as diesel is not supplied to the US, and therefore is very different. Most are only OBD2/EOBD compliant after 2004 in line with EU law.

                    I hope that this helps.