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Flashing your ECU

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  • Flashing your ECU

    Hi all,
    I noticed a few people asking about if there was anything that wasn't expensive that would allow you to flash your ECU. Then answer is Yes, its free!

    check out:
    (no i'm not from openecu)

    I had some other links that included where to buy cheap connectors to hook up your carpc to your laptop but i cant find them at the moment. If anyone can find some please post.

  • #2 has free flashing software but it only works with Subaru and Mitsubishi.


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      Originally posted by wi77iam View Post has free flashing software but it only works with Subaru and Mitsubishi.
      Plus... In general, not all ECUs are flashable.
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        All good replies. Though on the subject of OpenECU, it's not quite free, or rather, you'll need a cable. I don't think it's a straight through. I believe there's some voltage conversion going on to get program the flash in addition to the USB serial port.

        I actually have a car that this applies to and I have the factory ecu reprogrammer, I wanted to use my cable as it's the same for the most part, but I couldn't get any details. (I can't just use the factory reprogrammer as I also need a DRBIII which is around $3000)

        When my schedule clears up, I'm getting the cable and will be working on some OS software for it.

        Regardless, if it applies to your car, $89 for a cable is a great friggin deal as you can use it for diagnostics as well. For instance, on OBDII, I get maybe 10samples a second, some of the guys are getting well over 200 a second using the cable and evoscan.

        Plus there are many more parameters to read then would normally be exposed via OBDII.
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          i flashed my ecu once..

          got slapped with indecent exposure..

          anyway, i wouldnt suggest anyone flashes their ecu, get someone qualified to do it, u dont wanna screw the ecu up +_+, then ur car dont work