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Proscan / Gore Research MIA again

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  • Proscan / Gore Research MIA again

    Sorry to sound so harsh, but it looks like Proscan is MIA (missing in action) again. Despite the promises made in other posts of action taken to improve customer service et al...

    Here's my experience with Proscan / Gore Research; your mileage may vary:

    8/29/06: After much research from the MP3Car forum postings, I decided to take a chance and I ordered the new USB kit w/Proscan (ProScan Universal Scan Tool w/USB Interface) from on 8/29/06, paid via Paypal. Credit card was charged.

    8/31/06: Received a shipment confirmation from Gore Research w/tracking number. Yippee!!!! So far so good.

    9/1/06: Contacted Gore Research to see why product hadn't shipped yet on 8/31; supplied order number e-mail, order info. Got a response back stating that they would love to have me as a customer w/instructions on how to place an order. Eyebrows raised...

    9/5/06: Contacted Gore Research again to see why product hadn't shipped. Received "canned" e-mail (I know it was "canned" because I had made two inquiries, one under my "normal" e-mail and one under my Paypal account e-mail and the messages were identical) that there was a "minor" supply problem and a software update, that product would be shipping soon, some items had already been shipped, check USPS tracking for shipment info.

    9/8/06: Contacted Gore Research to cancel order, I have an immediate need and cannot wait any longer. Want refund on Paypal charges. No response received from Gore Research, scared them away by cancellation / refund request? AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGG!!!

    Concurrently filed Paypal dispute sending same cancellation / refund request via Paypal.

    9/8/06 - 9/11/06: Nada, absolutely nada from Gore Research.

    9/12/06: Received Paypal e-mail stating that the product has shipped, given same track number as on 8/31. USPS site indicates that no package has actually shipped yet.

    9/13/06: Sent another message requesting cancellation confirmation. Next step likely to be a request Paypal arbitration to force a refund.

    Now I would probably have been much more patient had Proscan been up-front about actual shipment ETA's and provided reasonable responses and given a serious effort at customer service.

    So, to anyone considering purchasing from Proscan, consider yourselves warned.



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    *** Update ***

    9/16/06: Received a reply from Amber Gore (co-owner of Gore Research) responding to my 9/13 ticket for a confirmation of cancellation. Unfortunately, the order *still* shipped on 9/15/06 despite my best efforts to to cancel the order (since 9/8/06).

    According to the Amber's e-mail, I should be able to refuse the package and will receive credit on the order. I will probably accept the package and ship it back with signature required and delivery confirmation to have paperwork proving that I did indeed ship the package back.

    For anyone who cares, I ended up ordering a Drew Technologies "Mongoose" cable plus PCMSCAN, got it from Lloyd at I spent a fair amount of time on the phone discussing this product and its potential for developing custom flashing applications, especially with the JVCI software library that is due out by next month at SEMA (being developed by Drew Technologies). Although I ended up spending more than with the Gore Research product, accessibility to sales / support as well as the potential for being able to develop my own custom flashing applications for my vehicles was compelling enough for me to go this route.

    One down side is that the Mongoose cable is not universal, there are brand-specific versions (i.e., GM, Asian/European, etc.).

    In a strange way, Gore Research's painfully slow response times worked out to my benefit, I believe that I will end up with a product that is better suited for my situation. I should have the Mongoose by next week and will provide feedback after I get a chance to play around with it.



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      Proscan still MIA

      I ordered the scan tool with the bundled software. The unit was promptly delivered with no serial code to unlock the software. Opened a support ticket over the weekend. No reply. Should I try and get a refund or hope they will give me a serial number to unlock the 4.0a cd (out of date as well) they sent me?


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        Gore-Research aka pro scan, aka myscantool, aka others names has given me the same treatment that other (Jerry for one) have received.
        I ordered a scan tool from them Sept. 20. I requested with the order that they advise when it would ship and to provide a tracking number when it shipped. Their website said the item was in stock and shipping. Several days pass and I hear nothing so send an email asking whats happening with my order, automated response. Five more emails to their various departments and email addresses, no response except one more automated. I do a whois look up and get their registered email address and phone number. Send email, no response, call on phone, after many rings a recorder saying leave a message and they will call back (about as likely as pigs flying).

        I think this guy is going bankrupt and before filing he is going to stiff as many people as he can. I did a little more looking around on the Internet and what did I find? Check this out, the guy is the author of computer worms for stealing password and other dastardly deeds.
        I called my credit card company and they are going after him, if he owes you something I suggest that you take action asap.

        Regards to all
        Jim A.


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          Got my money back

          Finally got my money back (whew!).

          I ended up losing on postage shipping the product back, but I wanted to ensure that I had some tracking mechanism to confirm the return of the product.

          Good luck to anyone else who deals with this company.



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            I have the same problem with these jokers. I've order my unit early on in the year and got the run around for weeks. I would get a confirmation in the mail right after I order saying that the shipper received shipping info and that the package would be shipped soon and then nothing would happen. The package didnot ship for weeks and it would emails after emails to get a response. In the response, I would get a sob story of some sort telling me the reason why it was late. By the time the unit finally ships, I no longer needed it. It sat as paper weight until about a month ago when I had a check engine light and needed to clear it and fix the problem before state inspection. So I plugged the unit and guess what, the unit did not work right. I check the web site and find out that I'm two revisions behind on the software, ah....great I though, I'll just update the software and most of the bugs should go away. I was wrong the unit still sucks, the customer service is none existance. I put in a service ticket on their website and a week later someone replies back saying that they will be out a couple of days a that my ticket will be forwarded to the appropriate person and the dumb bimbo closed out my ticket. Well its been a couple of weeks since that response and I still haven't heard anything back. I went to a shop to have my check engine light clear and codes pulled so I can fix the problem. Again this unit has proven to be useless to me. Should I have known, I never would have bought a scanner unit from these basement clowns and looking at some of the experiences that other people have had with them I feel that I am not the only one they are screwing. This has upset me enough where I signed on this forum and typed this long a** posting. My only wish is that anyone who is even remotely considering ordering anything from this so call company do there homework and research first.......


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              I ordered one in May. Still haven't gotten it. The guy that answered the first couple of inquiries is no longer with them. Ms. Gore has surfaced a few times, only to go away again. Last month she finally admitted that they didn't know what has happened to my order and to resend my shipping information. I did that and I haven't heard or seen anything since.

              I have to figure out how to file a claim. This is interstate commerce, so that's federal, right?


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                I found this on the FTC website.


                It basically says they have 30 days to fill or cancel the order. I especially like this part: "Why You Should Comply with the Rule
                Merchants who violate the Rule can be sued by the FTC for injunctive relief, monetary civil penalties of up to $11,000 per violation (any time during the five years preceding the filing of the complaint), and consumer redress (any time during the three years preceding the filing of the complaint). When the mails are involved, the Postal Service also has authority to take action for problems such as non-delivery. State law enforcement agencies can take action for violating state consumer protection laws."

                Here's the link to file the online complaint: link

                The more squeaky wheels, the better. Even if they don't get hit with $11,000 fines, the increased scrutiny could improve their behavior.



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                  Posted to a similar thread before finding this one. Though my comments now seem redundant, you can read them here:



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                      Just to chime in with my experience . . .

                      I ordered my USB Elmscan + ProScan software and an extra OBD-II connector on the 12th of September. I received the Elmscan and software roughly a week later, but the extra connector was missing.

                      I sent off an e-mail notifying them of their ommission and received a reply back from Amber telling me that they would be sending one out ASAP. Despite rather polite and repeated e-mails that was the last I've heard from them.

                      Thankfully I didn't get stiffed on the entire order, but it's still extremely poor business practice on their part. At the very least, it's guaranteed to be my last order from them.
                      "It's a blessing . . . and a curse."


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                        Have I too been duped by Gore Research?

                        I placed my order for a ProScan II through Gore Research on September 29, 2006. My check was endorsed and cashed by Amber Gore on October 5, 2006. Since then I have not received the product, nor any acknowledgement to any of my multiple emails, letters, telephone calls to their home and service ticket requests. I fear I have been had.


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                          Originally posted by xs10x View Post


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                            I already posted this to another thread on this site, but the heck with it. I got the runaround from Gore Research too. Finally got my unit, but no serial number. If any of you have actually gotten a serial number, would you please email it to me? This thing is getting my blood boiling. I guess I should be happy that I'm apparently one of the few that's actually received the item. I wish I'd gotten a refund instead, but there's no way I'm sending it back into that black hole now. I'm cutting my losses here. Hopefully I can get a serial number and hopefully the damn thing actually works!


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                              For those of you still fighting with Gore Research, you should file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I went ahead and filed one, more for informative purposes than out of any expectation of seeing my issue resolved.

                              They have had 6 complaints about Gore Research since June of this year, and Gore resolved them all after the BBB stepped in. It's worth a shot.
                              "It's a blessing . . . and a curse."