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  • Millenia knock sensor info

    I just bought a Millenia with the 2.5 engine and have fixed the little nit picking problems like a stuck power tilt wheel, aim headlights, etc. I am getting OBD 2 code PO325-knock sensor malfunction. After I erase the code the next time I start it the code comes right back. Does anybody have the pin connections for the knock sensor, there are four conductors, I am guessing one is ground, another +12 volts. I had no idea knock sensors were so expensive, I am hoping to build a small circuit to fool the ecm that the sensor is ok until funds get better. I am an avionics engineer and since 9/11 the airlines and military are parking their older planes in Arizona instead of upgrading them. The shop I worked for closed the doors 2 days before Christmas last year. Real nice.
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    i dont know for sure the pinouts, but i wouldnt trick the ecm if i were you. That knock sensor relays info to the ecm regarding wether or not your experiencing detonation. detonation can destroy a motor. When the ecm knows that there is an error regarding the knock sensors it can curb the amount of ignition advance it uses and keep it in check while being sure that it wont damage your engine. If a knock sensor really is that expensive, imagine what an engine will run you.
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