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Where is yhe Odometer data stored?

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  • Where is yhe Odometer data stored?

    Is it only in the panel cluster or in the ECM/ECU as well?
    I replaced the instrument panel (after it was out of order for some time) and want to adjust the Odometer reading.
    the Odometer data is lost with the old panel, or can be extracted from elsewhere?

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    I do beleive it's illegal to alter the odometer reading.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      It is only in the cluster, not in the ECU.

      I believe it is legal to change the mileage to the same as your old panel however I would have thought it will be a dealer job..


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        The new panel has a very low milage, and the difference comparing to the old one is too big.
        The problem is that the old one didn't worked for some time, and now I don't know the actual milage. I hoped it is recorded somewhere so I can extract this information .


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          Most cars its in the pcm (ecu). but good luck finding it without dealers scan tool. And no way in hell you gonna change without one.
          They dont make it that easy.
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            What sort of car is it?


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              there are some tools out there, generic and manufacturer specific ~ but they can cost you.

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