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Digimoto 5.0 Beta Release

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  • Digimoto 5.0 Beta Release

    Just wanted to let you guys know we are running a closed beta for Digimoto 5.0 (existing customers only right now).

    More info here:
    Joel Konecny
    Digimoto OBDII Diagnostics

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    Since our beta release, we have made a few significant updates to the application. If you are an existing customer and have not yet downloaded the latest release, please do so.

    5.0 Beta v21 update 02/25/2007

    Please note this release contains two files in the zip only option. It includes a digimoto.exe file and a digimotoonline.dll file. Both of these files need to be copied into the Digimoto directory to run successfully.

    .Added "Digimoto Online" functionality, this will require Digimoto to have an internet connection while in use. Customers now have the ability to upload Data Logs, Application Logs, Gauges, Charts and Snapshop files to our server through the Digimoto application. To access the Online functionality select File > Digimoto Online from the menu. [application logs] If you run into an error, you no longer need to post on the forum or send us an e-mail, if you have an internet connection you can simply write a note through the Digimoto Online interface and send us your application log. We will review the upload and respond to you accordingly. [data logs and snapshots] After upload, the Data Logs and Snapshot files will be tied into our website where you will have the ability to view your vehicle errors, freeze frame data and logged streaming sensor data through our website. This will allow you to post links to your uploaded data online so other people can help you resolve your issues or view your recorded data. We have also integrated a commenting feature with our online system so people can help you identify problems, make suggestions. Our web interface is in development and near completion, however you can begin to upload files now. [gauges and charts] The Gauges and Charts interface allows you as a user to upload custom gauges and charts that you have custom built. In the future we will expand user capabilities to allow you a broader set of tools for creating charts/gauges. This will allow you to upload and share your designs with other users. We have download capabilities through the Digimoto Online interface which will be released at a later time.
    .Fixed various known bugs within Digimoto beta.
    .Modified errorlog.txt file to be renamed to digimotolog.txt. What is known as the "error log" was not really an error log, but recorded application events, it is now named more appropriately.

    5.0 Beta v19 update 01/14/2007

    .Modified general ELM communication design with a more flexible approach. Should support a broader range of emulators.
    .Modified application to offer a more intuitive design when working with connections. The software will automatically connect after you have set up your device settings on the ScanTool/Hardware Settings tab. The application will also automatically revive the ScanTool/Hardware Settings tab if you attempt to connect to a device on previously saved settings which no longer exists.
    .Fixed multithreading issue that was causing Digimoto in certain situations to connect to incorrect COM port.
    .Modified application to adjust for more variances identified with the Car-Pal interface.
    .Added support for the DigiScan 3200 Bluetooth device.
    .Enhanced interface and connection error logging to help identify connection issues.

    5.0 Beta v16 update 12/30/2006

    .Enhanced AutoDetect logging to allow us to quickly identify connection issues. This will help us easily modify the application when customers are using emulated chips or new devices not yet fully supported.
    .Updated AutoDetect functionality to allow users to optionally select the device they wish to connect to. The benefit of selecting a device is that it will not attempt to connect to other devices, however this option is not mandatory.
    .Updated licensing for Digimoto 5.0. All previous versions of Digimoto 5.0 will expire January 1st, 2007. This is a mandatory update. Any attempts to adjust the local computer date/time will invalidate your license. Your existing license keys will still work when installing rev 16.
    .Fixed errors that arose in Rev 15 in regards to certain customers experiencing a situation where sensors were appearing unsupported that were previously supported.

    5.0 Beta v15 update 12/17/2006

    .Added functionality to retrieve mode 5 oxygen sensor test result data. $01 - Rich to lean sensor threshold voltage (constant), $02 - Lean to rich sensor threshold voltage (constant), $03 - Low sensor voltage for switch time calculation (constant), $04 - High sensor voltage for switch time calculation (constant), $05 - Rich to lean sensor switch time (calculated), $06 - Lean to rich sensor switch time (calculated), $07 - Minimum sensor voltage for test cycle (calculated), $08 - Maximum sensor voltage for test cycle (calculated), $09 - Time between sensor transitions (calculated), $0A - Sensor period (calculated) PIDs supported for bank/sensor combinations available on your vehicle.
    .Added gauge preferences. We have exposed gauge properties to allow you to customize various attributes of the gauges, changing the color/titles, enabling/disabling the glass affects, adding or modifying the gradiants etc.
    .Enhanced AutoDetect functionality used by the application.

    5.0 Beta v14 update 11/26/2006

    .Added printing functionality to application. The application supports printing of the Main PID tab (select print from Main menu), the Gauges tab (right click on Gauge to print or select from Gauges menu), the Charts tab (right click on Chart to print or select from Charts menu), Freeze Frame tab (right click on Freeze Frame screen to print or select from Freeze Frame menu), Data Log tab (right click on Data Log screen to print or select from Data Log menu) and Dyno chart (right click on Dyno chart or select from Dyno menu).
    .Added ability to save Gauges/Charts as images. You can right click on any Gauge or Chart and save it as one of various types of images (.jpeg, .bmp, .emf, .gif, .png, .tiff).
    .Added ability to log a timestamp to the Data Log as specified by the user. Right click on the Data Log screen or select from the drop down labeled TimeStamp at the bottom of the Data Log screen.
    .Modified application to auto detect ELM at 38k baud rate.
    .Added support for the DigiScan 3200 USB device.

    5.0 Beta v13 update 11/19/2006

    .Modified the Toolbar to allow users to select images only/images with text/text only etc. This should help people identify what each of the options represent (Settings > Toolbars > Tool Display Style).
    .Added context menus to Guages/Charts tabs. This allows members to quickly add/remove/reset the tabs simply by right clicking on a Gauge/Chart or anywhere on the Gauge/Chart tab.
    .Added Chart preferences. We have exposed some properties to allow users to customize the charts further. To change the series color, the back color, change number of ticks, modify x/y axis properties such as grid lines, modify the legend properties, display labels for each data point, modify the title and its properties etc.
    .Added serial number and activation status to the About box.
    .Fixed issue where the software was not saving certain preferences when the interface was not connected.

    5.0 Beta v12 update 11/12/2006

    .Added cancel/reset functionality to Quarter Mile/Dyno tabs.
    .Added Vehicle Info functionality to save vehicle session information (File > Vehicle Info).
    .Added ability to log data log directly to file for extensive recording sessions.
    .Modified data log to display data in grid format to allow user to organize data on the fly.
    .Modified Gauge/Chart usability. The tabs now allow users to resize/select/move objects whether enabled or not.
    .Added Gauge/Chart cascading when adding a new object. No Guage/Chart should appear directly in front of a previous Guage/Chart when adding new.
    .License screen now appears in front of splash screen when loading software for first time.
    .Modified engine to allow new PIDs to be added to query mode on the fly. While recording users can now select other PIDs without stopping the software from displaying/recording data.
    .Added dialog to notify users when an unsupported PID is selected or when the ECU is no longer responding. This allows users to quickly identify ways to increase performance by removing unsupported PIDs from being queried.
    Joel Konecny
    Digimoto OBDII Diagnostics


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      Updated rev 16.
      Joel Konecny
      Digimoto OBDII Diagnostics


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        Updated rev 19 and 21.
        Joel Konecny
        Digimoto OBDII Diagnostics