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Is there OBD Connector in my Car?

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  • Is there OBD Connector in my Car?

    My car is Hyundai Elantra with a-CVVT engin,Made in 2006.Is there OBD connector in it?and How can I know where it is?
    Could somebody take some photos?

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    You will have an OBD2 connector, it has to be within 2 foot of the steering wheel, and easily accessible. They are often covered with a clip off cover, or could be under the dashboard - have a nose about. You are looking for a rectangular plug that looks like this.

    Being 2006 you need to also bear in mind that your car is also probably using the CAN protocol.

    Good Luck!



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      Yup, you have one. All above '96 (I think) have it. Must be within a meter of the steering column like UKOBD said. Sometimes you must remove a few panels to get there, but it should be "easily accessable" as per the standard.
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        How to analyze OBD msg ?


        Can someone tell me how do i analyze the OBD information recieved from ECU?
        I am using CAN interface and i need to analyse the different data (DTC, Freeze frame ..) and display the recieved information using display interface.

        So how do i analyse different types of data recieved from ECU ?