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All New PCMSCAN v2.0!

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  • All New PCMSCAN v2.0!

    Introducing the most powerful and advanced software available for your ELM interface! This new and improved version of PCMSCAN™ crushes the competition. PCMSCAN™ is an OBD-II diagnostic scantool that no vehicle owner should be without. In a class by itself, this state-of-the-art software comes fully loaded with new features. Here are just some of the things PCMSCAN™ can do for you:

    -Find out the cause of your check engine light, look up trouble codes, and even turn off that annoying light and save a trip to the dealer.

    -Test your car’s emissions readiness.

    -Monitor and log data for a variety of parameters. View it with maps, gauges, tables, and graphs! Pause, fast forward and rewind your log files.

    -Check out the new drag strip feature! The drag strip displays a countdown and timing light and measures your launch and reaction time. At the end of your run, you get a timeslip with the stats from the run.

    -If you use aftermarket performance parts, the new digital dyno feature will let you test horsepower and torque to measure their impact on your vehicle's performance-- just try out the dyno and see if those parts were worth the money!

    -Customize your own high-resolution dashboard with our new DashXL™ technology! If you own a CarPC, you’ll love the new DashXL™ system! This system features the most customizable dashboard editor on the market!

    -For the power users out there, PCMSCAN™ now has built-in Javascripting support to do custom calculations on OBD-II parameters and data.

    Stop by our website and download it today!
    Brian @ Palmer Performance Engineering, Inc.

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    Here are some screenshots of some of the new features of PCMSCAN:

    Brian @ Palmer Performance Engineering, Inc.