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Q about querying enhanced PIDs

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  • Q about querying enhanced PIDs

    If I understand correctly, and correct me if i am wrong, it is 'technically' possible to query any pid including enhanced/mfg specific from obd2 using any obd2 interface (like the obdpro), except that you need to know what command to send and how to interpret the response, and that information is available only by paying a big royalty ($$) to the manufacturer. Is that all correct ?

    Isn't there a ruling/regulation (or was going to be) that mandates all manufacturers to release that information to public ? or am I mixing that up with something else ?

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    Yes, I believe there is something in the works that will require manufacturers to release this information to the public. I can't think of it off the top of my head, but I was just talking with someone about it the other day.

    There is some information that is buried around the internet, but to complete full integration you would need a working relationship to retrieve this information.

    I believe there may need to be some hardware modifications to work with Chrysler enhanced functionality, but I have done little research in the area of Chrysler specifically.

    You can retrieve enhanced sensor readings if you know the codes.
    Joel Konecny
    Digimoto OBDII Diagnostics


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      That's very encouraging news!

      I will try digging around the net and see if I find anything but right now all I am interested about is just few sensors for Honda/Acura -

      Oil Temp/Pressure
      ATF Temp/Pressure
      Knock Sensor

      If I can get something for these I'd be very happy!

      (p.s.: i just noticed you're in rosemount. i am not far from there)


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        I've actually been paying attention to that "Minnesota members get together" thread going on in another forum on mp3car, I haven't made a post but I'd like to check it out some time. My office is located in downtown St. Paul, if you are ever up for it we should grab lunch sometime.
        Joel Konecny
        Digimoto OBDII Diagnostics


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          thanks. I will watch that thread too.
          too bad I didn't know about yesterday's get together a little in advance. It was like virtually in my backyard!
          i will send you a pm..


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            Hi there...

            I am interested in getting the readings you mentioned above from my car as well (Opel 2006).
            Any idea how I can issue the commands (is there something like a terminal? would the response echo on there?) and what the format of those commands would be like?
            Also if I have access to an Opel official diagnostic tool (Tech 2) is there any way I can retrieve those codes? (even if I have to connect its interface with my obd interface and read what its sending)