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Acura LCD Display - CAN?

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  • Acura LCD Display - CAN?

    Hi All,

    I've been doing alot of search on this forum and google looking for info on CAN. I am to the point that I need some help for the experts here and maybe point me in the right direction.

    I have an 05 Acura TL with no Navi. In the place of the Navi screen are 2 LCD screens which display AC info and Radio info. These LCDs are attached of a big circiut board that have about 5 plugs going into it. The plugs come from the swtiches that control the AC, from the radio below and from other parts of the car.

    I'm planning to put a touchpanel where these LCD are located. Just enough room for a 7". Most people have move the LCDs to other parts of the dash. I would like to have my touchpanel display the AC info and radio info.
    My problem is that I cannot simply remove the circiut board and leave the plugs hanging. I think I can remove the LCDs from the circiut board and hide the board.

    Most people are getting engine info for tuning and problemsolving. I just want to display this info. Should I sniff the Can to get this info? Is there an easier way that my newbie self has missed?

    Any help would be great.
    05 Acura TL
    CarPC 99.99% Done