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  • Volvo V40 2002

    Hi all,

    I got my elmscan 5 usb today and connected it to my car (Volvo V40 from 2002). But no matter what software I use, It won't work. And the Volvo V40 is listed in the compatibility list. The scantool software tells me that it cannot recognise the protocol or something like that. Does that ring a bell for someone? Hope it does....



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    I see you are in the Netherlands. This is most likely the problem. I do not know what the emissions laws there are but to understand this you need an OBD history lesson.

    The OBD-II system was mandated by the EPA for emissions testing. It gives inspectors a standard interface with which to check emissions compliance. All features beyond these were simply put in place by individual car manufacturers in order to simplify problem diagnosis. The Netherlands either does not require OBD-II at all or only required it after your car was manufactured (the EPA made it madatory in 1996 but in Australia, for example, it has only been required since 2006 (I think it's 2006, but if not, you still get the idea)).

    So if the Netherlands does not require OBD-II your car most likely doesn't have it. So, even after vehicle diagnostics have been standardized, they still aren't standard (if that makes any sense).
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