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    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone had a list of the PCM Parameter Identification (PIDS) for the Mazda RX8. They define things such as RPM, Fuel Pressure, Air Temp, etc. I've seen a few posts mentioning them, but have not seen a list.

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    Mazda, of course, supports the same mode $01 generic OBD2 PIDs defined in SAE J1979 as all automakers. RPM $0C, Fuel Rail Pressure $0A, Intake Air Temperature $0F, etc.

    The mode $22 enhanced PIDs for mazda will depend on the make/model/year, but many of them seem to be the same as Ford. If you find a list of the Ford enhanced parameters, just try them out. You might have luck!


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      Well, I have a 2005 Mazda RX8, 6-speed. I would like to see the enhanced PIDs....any idea where? I've looked and haven't found any...


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        Enhanced Mode PIDs are generally not freely available. You have to pay for them. The cost is about 7,000 per year from Etools. It may not have all of the PIDs you require however. But it's a start.
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          Here's Mazda's Enhanced Sensor List. Not sure if it will be any help.

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            The parameter lists are really meaningless without the PIDs associated with the parameters. Without the identification codes you can not retrieve the sensor values.
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              I'm interested in any list of codes from Ford or Mazda to see if they map to my Ford PIDS.

              I have seen some codes from a 2000 Focus which might help.

              If someone has any access to Mazda or Ford custom PIDS I would gladly give a case of beer for a PM.....

              (BTW, a 'case of beer' is a standard Australian unit of measure provided to a 'mate' when assistance is provided when working on a car....I felt the need to explain that one in further detail.)



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                there is one freeware program which supports some enhanced pids for mazda. it works with obd-2 ELM 327 compatible scanners

                Click image for larger version

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