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ECUTalk v1.3 Released (Pocket PC/Laptop Consult Software for pre-OBDII Nissans)

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  • ECUTalk v1.3 Released (Pocket PC/Laptop Consult Software for pre-OBDII Nissans)

    (makes sense to create a new thread rather than using the other one meant for something else).

    ECUTalk v1.3 Released -

    ECUTalk was originally made so that people would have an alternative to the only available Pocket PC software for Consult, which cost $600. It's free, although donations often result in it actually being updated

    It was also made with widescreens in mind (eg CarPCs) with its ability to arrange/size gauges to maximise screen area used.
    • Added ability to log sensors without showing them on gauges (when logging is enabled, checkboxes have a greyed out checkstate, indicated logging only)
    • Logging changed so it logs all packets (only gauges will drop packets/not update when cpu is falling behind, but all packets will be logged)
    • Colour setup for gauges added. Hard bit for you is coming up with a colour theme that looks ok!
    • Added Instant Fuel Economy Sensor - requires RPM, Injector and Speed kph selected to work
    • Changed DutyCycle/RH Sensors to calculate values from RPM and Injector/RH sensors (therefore requires them to be logged at least to work)
    • Fixed Timestamps when milliseconds are less than 100 (3 digits). Previously they would not have leading zeroes
    • Simplified gauges such that they will only display values within their range (however, logging will show the calculated value) and will no longer auto change their range to suit the values (as occasionally a weird value may be read which causes a unco gauge to be drawn).
    • Added an option to allow the full-screen mode to only use the "working area" of the screen. Eg, it wont cover taskbar in a normal windows desktop, and for carpc users with special frontends, it may mean gauges display properly if running ECUTalk from within your frontend.
    • Improved the saving of settings to .ini file. Note that the order of items in this .ini file matters - their names (what is shown before the ":") does not. Eg autoconnect, logging, selected sensors, working area option, injector size, gauge colours, etc are all stored in here.
    • Removed EGT sensor (it's useless, only ever reads 4.98v)
    See screenshots below to better understand difference between selecting sensors for gauges (batt, duty, econ, temp) which you check once, and for logging (rpm, injector, speed) which are checked a second time to make them grey. Couple of older screenshots of fault codes/gauges also.
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    Nice one fella, been waiting for the next edition for ages

    @ Newkleer:
    You should start a new thread about this with a more apt tittle

    PS. there are definate improvements with 1.3 with regards to the ability to change the gauge colours and especially the fuel economy thingy, but the screen fill size is still playing up

    I wish I was able to post you a screenie but right at the moment, mid moving house, I haven't got the hardware available to do it.

    It definately behaves differently when standalone (in which case it tried to fit all the dials in the PPC sized window, but when embedded in CF it still tries to display dials beyond the available app space. Could you add a user option to set the window size manually? And make sure dials fill all the available space.

    And how about sussing out some calcs to also get mpg worked out for us who still believe in Engilsh units
    My brain doesn't work in km/h and litres... I need UK gallons and good old miles per hour

    Another function which has suddenly struck me as essential is way to decide the order of the dials because for them to be useable when driving you need to be able to look straight at the dial you're interested in rather than having to stare at the LCD looking for what you want to see.

    I appreciate your efforts, and would love to help you but my programming skills are lacking to say the least Keep up the good work Mr.

    EDIT: Hang on a minute, first time I downloaded the PPC version And I may be confusing some of the problems that the PPC one produced when run on a PC, and the car is in the garage now, 150ft away and its -2C outside So we will have to wait till tomorrow to be sure

    I'm now wondering how hard it would be to have this app as a CF Plugin
    Things like this, and skinning are taken care of then
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      i already tried making a cf plugin, but it simply would not show up in cf no matter what i did.

      it looks that most likely we'll just have to set x/y/width/height manually

      ive added MPG in next minor revision (as well as an option for metric vs imperial sensors in options, so that u dont have two versions of each sensor). see here

      there is only the one version now - one that works on both ppc and normal pc/laptop - are you talking about the older v1.0 non-ppc version?


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        right, definate bugs are as follows...

        When exiting program, process continues to run (viewed from task manager)
        Dials now either occupy a small rectangle in the middle of the window, or they extend off the viewable window.

        Would it be possible to make the autoconnect sort of auto sense whether there is a connection to the ECU or not and take the necessary actions on its own. The reason for this is that if I hibernate the pc with ECUTalk on, and then turn car off and lock up... When I come back to the car, and restart the pc Ecutalk is no longer connected hence dials don't work so I have to exit the dials and re enter them.

        Not a biggy, but an improvement non the less.

        Bigger controls would help too Maybe text buttons instead of check boxes.
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          how are u closing the program? just with the X? works for me without leaving it open in background. or was that after a resume from hibernate? if u can work out when it does hang around, and when it doesnt, i might be able to fix it

          cant really know what u mean with screen issues without screenshots.

          ill have to have a think about how to do the connecting stuff (i assume u mean u just want to hibernate when gauges were on, and then on resume, it would drop out of gauges if no connection, then do the normal reconnect, as if u just started it?)

          for the checkboxes, u only have to set them up once, so i wont be changing them just for carpc's (u know u can click the text of the checkbox right? not just the checkbox itself)


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            When it is embedded there is no tittle bar and hence no red cross so I have to close it using the close external app button within Centra.

            There was issues with this method within Centra some time back but these have since been resolved and other programs don't do it anymore

            Will try and get some screenies done this week...

            Have you had a play with CentraFuse, its still free to download? I can send you my external apps ini and button layout files so you could recreate my setup on your PC, and try it first hand
            My Nissan 200SX @ Silverstone

            My Car's spec list + pics

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              yeh if you could do that (email me, contact link on site) ill check it out when i get the chance...probably would mean screenshots arent as important (assuming i can get it working)


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                I'll get the required files off the carpc tonight

                In the meantime, you get yourself CF1.0 downloaded from and have a play
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                  here are some screenies

                  In car at the moment. keyboard is a real PITA

                  Will post up coments on each pic later

                  For now you can see how it behaves
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                  My Nissan 200SX @ Silverstone
                  NOW SADLY WRITTEN OFF!

                  My Car's spec list + pics

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                    CF must do some really unco stuff to the window area to make it look like that. is that using the "working area" option? ecutalk isnt made to account for changes to the window size whilst in full screen mode either


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                      EDIT: Using v1.31 :

                      The grey bar to the left is where the task bar would normally be but CF hides it.

                      Can we specify our own window size in settings.ini for when in fullscreen mode, and just let it do whatever in window mode (which I don't use, I just took the pics for reference)?

                      Biggest problem I have come across up to now is that when you click the black area around the dials to exit dials back to settings... Well on the second time of doing this it just resets the PC

                      Oh and MPG dial doesn't seem to work.

                      Another factor which you will probably think strange is... I would like to use mpg, mph etc, but have temps in degrees C, not just either imperial or metric.

                      But thats just me being fussy

                      Keep up the good work though fella, this apps coming along nicely
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                        ECUTalk v1.3.2 Released -

                        This version fixes a few bugs and has some pretty big performance improvements.
                        Users of v1.3 and v1.3.1 should update to this version.
                        v.1.3.1 added a MPG sensor for Imperial users (and an option to switch between Imperial/Metric sensors).
                        • Fixed issue in v1.3 and v1.3.1 which meant data packets weren't being dropped when CPU couldn't keep up
                        • Increased performance of gauge drawing by ~250% (on my PPC, time to draw a gauge went from ~30ms down to around ~12ms).
                        • Changed code to always draw gauges (even if data hasnt changed) in order to result in consistent amount of packets being logged per second.
                        • Added option to specify minimum gauge update speed - higher value means more packets are logged due to less gauge updates (and hence more time for logging). Eg on my 568 Jornada PocketPC 2002, 10ms = ~5 packets logged/second, whereas 1000ms = close to full 50 packets). The setting ignored when not logging (it will just update as quickly as possible).
                        • Improved consult streaming to allow more data to be read in and processed (rather than lost). Probably the best program for data logging due to the sheer amount of data able to be read in. On my desktop PC, setting minimum gauge refresh to 0ms (ie never skip a gauge redraw, hence uses most CPU), can log 35 packets/second of all sensors. Setting minimum refresh to just 50ms gives the full 50 packets/second. I compared this to Nissan Datascan, which can only log 16 packets/second on the same PC (and thats without gauges shown at all) with the same sensors.
                        • Changed options controls to dropdowns rather than textboxes (i didnt realise id disabled the use of the soft input panel on PPC, so you couldnt change settings). If you want to enter a value other than shown, edit the .ini file.
                        • Fixed logging time output, both to add in the missing leading zeros (eg it would show 7:5:7 for 7:05:07), and also added in a interpolated millisecond value for PPC users (which doesnt have a millisecond capability in standard time object).
                        • Minor changes to individual sensors to better display on gauges, and slight changes to change config (units shown next to sensor rather than down bottom as often the units would overlap gauge).
                        • Added a hidden option for CarPC users with frontends (eg Centrafuse) to manually edit .ini file to set custom top/bottom/left/right co-ordinates for full-screen mode. Example: FullScreenBounds_L|T|R|B:10|20|1000|900. Setting all to 0 will use default method.

                        see point 9

                        what do u mean MPG wont work? you need injector, speed mph, and RPM selected for it to work. and naturally, your economy will be 0 unless car is moving

                        as for mixing metric/imperial, bad luck for the time being, maybe down the track ill add ability to select C/F seperate from M/KM


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                          will it not just allow us to list the units we want in the ini file

                          RE: 1.3.2
                          Still resets pc when click to exit dials, but only if I click the area outside of the actual area the dials fill.

                          For screen bounds settings in .ini file are they in the format xpos,ypos,xsize,ysize in pixels
                          If so that doesn't seem to make any difference in the car
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                            what langauge is ECUTalk written in?
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                              JDash plugin?

                              Any chance you could donate the code to be ported to java? Would a donation be an incentive to do so?

                              Then we could make a plugin for JDash!

                              Since both are free currently, why not ECUTalk plugin for JDash. Would look great on the ECUTalk Homepage!

                              I would be willing to donate my consult->usb cable to the appropriate resource to code the jDash java plugin. Or I might try to tackle it w/ Sama's help.


                              from the ecutalk website:
                              Running ECUTalk on a PC/Laptop requires the .NET Framework 1.1
                              It can be downloaded via Windows Update. Or to download it manually, get and install the:
                              .NET Framework 1.1
                              and then (optionally) get and install SP1:
                              .NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1
                              Hopefully that means C# as it is similar to java.