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  • Jeff Noxon's diy interface

    In the FAQ section, the answer to the first question "Will it work with my car", the author writes -

    If your vehicle is compliant with ISO9141-2, but not made by Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, or Skoda, then the device will work, but to my knowledge no software has been written to support it in this way -- so you're probably out of luck.

    I didn't quite understand that. Assuming you are connected to an ISO-9141-2 car, at that point isn't it basically a matter of opening the serial port and sending an OBD-II command - like "010C" ? And doesn't any generic obd-ii program do just that ? What am I missing here ? Maybe there is no program out there yet to interpret the 'binary' response back from the vehicle (instead of the ubiquitous elm style ascii format). But is that it or there is more to it than that ?