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    Someone on my Electric Vehicle thread recommended I use this tool to log my trips and compute the efficiency / performance of the batteries. It looks like a great tool and Iíd like to use it in my car.

    I hope someone could answer a couple of questions:

    Running under Windows Ė I have looked at a bunch of mp3car frontend systems, and have settled on WinXP / RideRunner for the time being. I see that the tool will run in Windows under cygwin. Has anyone has run it as an embedded app in RideRunner? I donít think itís a problem if it ran separately, just wonder how well it could be integrated.

    More importantly, I have two sources of data that would bring EV motor & performance info into the tool. One is a CAN link from the EV controller directly. It would give me things like pedal position, motor rpm, and faults, etc. Itís fully CAN compliant, but I donít think the actual data is consistent with say a chevy. I havenít hooked it up yet, but Iím assuming I can access the data through my USB/Elm327 device. The other tool I have is a LabJack UE9 data acquisition device. It will sit on a USB port in my computer and can be polled or can stream data. However, Iím using with a SW package called DaqFactory that I will use to collect, log, and process data. So for example Iíll measure Volts & Amps to the motor controller in real time and compute Watts and KWH. I know DaqFactory has the ability to interface with other SW via DDE, or a mySQL database but Iím not a programmer and donít know how to do any of that. I use DF to drive some gauges and screens Ė you can see them on my forum. The best would be if I could log data from both the Controllerís CAN bus and from DaqFactory along with the GPS data you show.

    Do you think this is possible? I hate asking this, but I know I wonít be able to do this. Would anyone be willing to help in getting this running? Iím thinking that when Iím done with my package (even without the PGS Logging component, but even more so with it), many EVíers out there would be VERY Interested!


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    Just posting to subscribe to the thread.

    After chatting for a while, it sounds like I might just write a DDE plugin, similar to the DBus plugin, which would presumably work for lots of things.

    Gary (-;
    OBDGPSLogger, for logging OBDII and/or GPS data
    OBDSim, an OBDII/ELM327 software simulator
    mp3car forums: obdgpslogger, obdsim


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      Woo HOOOOOO