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  • OBDsim with FB

    Can OBDsim be used with FB? How can we channel FB data to OBDsim? I read about fbd but I do not know how to link them up?

    Please help...anyone?


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    The current OBDSim way of talking to an FB is by using dbus and fbd. That's really not an ideal approach, for two reasons:
    1) It uses DBus
    2) It relies on Linux.

    If you're on linux, then go ahead and use it [I wrote the example dbus plugin script you'd need]

    A smarter developer than I could easily write a plugin for obdsim to talk directly to the FB. Plugin writing in OBDSim is really easy, and documented in a README file in the source.

    Lemme know a bit more about what you're actually trying to do, and I'll see if I can provide more advice

    Gary (-;
    OBDGPSLogger, for logging OBDII and/or GPS data
    OBDSim, an OBDII/ELM327 software simulator
    mp3car forums: obdgpslogger, obdsim


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      I am thinking of obdsim reading straight from fb in windows. Any hint of how I could do this?