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Connecting to OBDSIM over wifi?

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  • Connecting to OBDSIM over wifi?

    Hey Guys,

    So I'm new to serial port stuff (guess I was born too late heh heh) but I get the basic gist of how RS232 works. That said, I'm trying to use Piracom to convert the serial port OBDSIM is using to TCPIP so that I can connect to OBDSIM to help me develop a mobile app (the mobile app will use a WiFi dongle, so this emulates it perfectly).

    My question is basically this: how can I use OBDSIM over TCPIP? Here's what I'm doing so far: if I go in to com0com's setup, CNCA0 (the port OBDSIM is using) is listed as the real port COM3. I set Piracom to use COM3 (which it does successfully, any other port but COM4 fails, so I know it can see the com0com ports) and then connect using the appropriate IP and port to connect. Piracom shows the connection (IP of the connecting device, and the log shows the connection and initial ATD command), but OBDSIM never shows a query or responds to my app or known working OBD apps (like Torque, OBDScanner etc. which all work with my WiFi dongle).

    Any thoughts on what to check or other things to try for TCPIP connectivity? I tried to search around but didn't find any info on it.

    Thanks in advance for any help!