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gauges on multiple screens?

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  • gauges on multiple screens?

    Hey, I am going carPC just for virtual gauges as a microcontroller based system wasnt going to cut it. Anyways got a question.

    I have a pro-touring 64 malibu with a twin turbo LS2 running off the stock PCM so I have full OBD2. Regardless my question is in regard to a custom dash I am planning.

    My hopes are to use a few screens sitting behind round bezels to emulate regular gauges but of course they are virtual

    The sticky point is that to build the layout I want, I need to use two 7" screens side by side.

    Now, can I use the software to output different gauges onto different screens? Im planning on having two large 4" gauges for a speedo and tach and smaller 2 in gauges to the outside of either one that will display other guages such as boost or water temp ect. More or less I need to be able to display different gauges on different screens.

    Is this possible? If not anybody know what software can do this? I like that DashCommand is completely customizable and can read enhanced engine data. If I cant go about using multiple screens Im gonna have to use a laptop size screen and cover up most up most of it

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    The best (easiest) way of doing this using DashCommand would be to install a CarPC with the dual monitor support for your two screens. Then extend the Windows desktop onto both monitors. After that, you should be able to maximize the DashCommand window so that it stretches across both monitors. Once you have that going, it's just a matter of designing a custom dashboard with the correct aspect ratio so that you have the right gauges on each monitor.
    Brian @ Palmer Performance Engineering, Inc.


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      ok that sounds good, one other thing. Is there anyway that I can design in warning lights and indicators? On my harness there are going to be many unused inputs that could be wired for different things and just need to be renamed. Things like AC pressure sensor, rear 02s, evap and canister purge sensors among others arent going to be there but with the correct wiring I can hook my hi beam indicator and t/s indicators into these ports with the correct voltage drops and have this info streamed through the engine data.

      I may need to read more but is there the option of renaming and/or making custom pids as well as setting up warning lights and such? I thought a sequential style shift light would be nice as opposed to just a tach. Warning lights, virtual or not, are much more useful in a hard driving situation where reading gauges isnt possible. Big blinking lights tell you to pay attention to somethinng. Is this possible?

      Oh and what I mean by custom pids is the abilty to take multiple pids and preform math functions with them to output different info. Like taking MAF g/sec and rpm and putting it into an eqution to output horsepower. HPtuners allows for this, didnt know if it was possible with DashCommand