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Can Dashcommand do the graph like Nssan R35?

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  • Can Dashcommand do the graph like Nssan R35?

    Hello, I am just wondering can Dashcommand do the graph like Braking G o Acceleration G in Nissan R 35? Thank you

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    The iPhone version of DashCommand does get this information from the built-in accelerometer. The Windows version of DashCommand would need to calculate it with scripts, and wouldn't really be able to get cornering G's. Acceleration and Braking G's could be calculated from vehicle speed though.

    We are hoping to release a new version of DashCommand very soon that includes scripts that do this already.


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      I hope the new vision of Dashcommand will have more feature like capable with after market ECU and more easy to edit. Also, I am just wondering when the new vision will be release, I hope that is not too long. Finally, I just want to say you guy did a awsome sofeware for us to play with.


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        I'm glad you like the software.

        The new version shouldn't support any more vehicles/ECUs than the old version. It should support any OBD-II compliant ECU. But, it will come with a much better default skin set, and a large number of extra scripts to calculate... well just about everything.

        We are hoping to release it very soon. Shouldn't be long now.


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          The new version of the software has been released, and it includes a lot of extra CALC.* PIDs, including some for accel/braking Gs. You can get it here: