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Vag to OBD2 cable works with Dashcommand?

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  • Vag to OBD2 cable works with Dashcommand?

    Hey. i have found a cable that makes Vag-com (wich is my car) to OBD2. in that case, and if the car can give speed readings through its diagnostic, will i be able to use dashcommand??

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    Obd2 drive cycle

    OBD2 Drive Cycle - An OBD2 Drive Cycle is an extended set of driving procedures that takes into consideration the various types of driving conditions encountered in real life. These conditions may include starting the vehicle when it is cold, driving the vehicle at a steady speed (cruising), accelerating, etc. An OBD2 Drive Cycle begins when the ignition key is turned "On" (when cold) and ends when the vehicle has been driven in such a way as to have all the "Enabling Criteria" met for all its applicable Monitors. Only those trips that provide the Enabling Criteria for all Monitors applicable to the vehicle to run and complete their individual diagnostic tests qualify as an OBD2 Drive Cycle. OBD2 Drive Cycle requirements vary from one model of vehicle to another. Vehicle manufacturers set these procedures. Consult your vehicle's service manual for OBD2 Drive Cycle procedures. Do not confuse a "Trip" Drive Cycle with an OBD2 Drive Cycle. A "Trip" Drive Cycle provides the "Enabling Criteria" for one specific Monitor to run and complete its diagnostic testing. An OBD2 Drive Cycle must meet the "Enabling Criteria" for all Monitors on a particular vehicle to run and complete their diagnostic testing.


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      didint understood a single think...