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dashcommand disconnects

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  • dashcommand disconnects

    Hello everyone. I had dash command working perfectly fine for a year and recently I did some performance modifications to my car so my carpc was out of the car for about 3 months. I installed everything back today and started the dash command. It wouldn't work so I did the upgrade to latest version and changed the com port to the right one in the device manager an it connected and everything is going good when the ignition is all the way on before crank. Once I crank the engine an start it, it disconnects and no reading or code scans or anything and when I click on reconnect, it says OBDII not found, so I turn off the engine and open the key all the way again right before crank and it connects no problem I can read and clear codes and it shows my intake temp, water temp etc but as soon as I start the engine it disconnects again.

    Here are my specs:
    CarPC with windows 7
    Latest dash command that I downloaded earlier today
    USB ELM OBDII wire
    Car is a 2002 CLK 55

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you very much in advanced.