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how to get real-time fuel consumption?

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  • how to get real-time fuel consumption?

    Hi, guys!

    I am a assistant researcher of transportation. and now I am dedicated to monitoring real-time fuel consumption of vehicles. and as you know, nowaday, there are two main types of engine for most cars and logistic trucks, one is gasoline engine, and the other is diesel engine.

    In order to calculate the fuel consumption, one sounded way is to use PIDs of OBDII, which just read the data form the on body equipment, and do not need to modify the configuration of the engine.

    A. gasoline engine

    Because of closed-loop controlling, the air-fuel ratio(AFR) is kept closed to 14.7, as a result, in your article "AVR-Based Fuel Consumption Gauge" , the formulaion for gasoline engine is as follows:


    B.diesel engine

    Because of different working mode, the air mass fow is not controlled, and the AFR is not a constant. so, how to calculate the fuel consumption?

    From internet, Scangauge and DashCommand claime that they can get fuel consumption of diesel. for DashCommand , in a post named"Fuel economy / consumption for Diesel vehicles in DashCommand ",the author said that 4 PIDs were used to get fuel economy,namely MAF, RPM, VSS, LOAD_PCT. BTW,but he did not explain how to use them, and Unluckly,I do not understand the true mehthod(formulations).

    Dear Bruce, do you konw how to get fuel consumption of diesel, if you have any hint, please do me a favor!

    I am looking forward to hear from you!

    Best regards

    Rusheng Zhou