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Failed test that does not trigger a DTC

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  • Failed test that does not trigger a DTC

    I just got my OBDLink and OBDWiz. I have really enjoyed playing with it over the weekend, but I have a question. I have a 1997 Suburban, 4WD, 350 motor with 256,000 miles on it. It is showing no DTC's, no trouble on it at all, but when I look at the Monitors, under On-Board Monitoring I have 5 tests indcating Failed. I hunted down GM service codes and found that they refer to the Steady State Catalyst Test Bank 1 and 2 and MAF out of Range High and Low. Does anyone know what these failed tests mean? It seems to me that the MAF fail would cause a DTC.

    Is there any kind of an instructional manual? I know it says everywhere that it does not ship with the tool, but is there a downloadable one anywhere? This is a valuable tool and I would like to know how to get the most from it.


    BTW, MP3car, you're service so far has been EXCELLENT!!