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need help with starting OBD2. gauge project

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  • need help with starting OBD2. gauge project

    i have been doing a ton of research on this project but now i feel im still not there yet with the knowledge.

    so far i know i like these items.

    dashcommand to run the gauges.

    lilliput 7 inch 659GL-70NP/C/T

    carpc. not sure which one yet.

    im also thinking about the innovative ot-2.
    with the wideband.
    i was gonna go with the mx from scantool but it doesnt work with the wideband.

    i actually want the gauges to work along the wideband and obd2 port.
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    I have just recently been working on implementing Torque (paid version) on my Android Xoom tablet.

    Both options take some time to set up, but seem comparable, dashboard display wise.

    It depends what you plan to do with your car setup, tablets are less expensive to implement, but at the moment seem to have some limitations, a lot of the apps require an internet connection, where as the PC route came from old school and has a lot of history in not having an internet connection, this is changing, we will all probably need tethering to our phones or a dedicated hotspot to be feature complete whichever route you go.
    TruckPC - gutted, being used for test setup
    BoatPC - All in 1 in cuddy, N7 using VNC on dash, RR
    BlazerPC - Nexus 7 with Timur's USBROM