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My case: Any suggestions, warnings, etc?

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  • My case: Any suggestions, warnings, etc?

    Just packed everything together using some bolts and sheets of plexiglass. Was planning on leaving everything exposed so everything is ventilated. Any suggestions or see anything wrong with the way things are set up? I had to do the triple decker for it to fit inside the dash. It's up against the heating system (temperature right beside it is nominal) which is on a slight slant which is why the top plexi is smaller than the bottom (couldn't fit it as a square box).

    Anything that you see wrong? Any suggestions? Thanks!!!

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    If you want to have decent quality audio output, do not forget ground everything to exactly 1 point and connect that 1 point with your car chassis somehow. I am mentioning this because this mignt be tricky with plexiglass route.


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      yeah, I hope to have a good ground without other wire interference since I'm not running power/speaker wires side by side to the back since it's close to the HU in the dash. Gonna use a 8 gauge wire to some bare metal. Hopefully that will be enough of a good ground. Thanks for the tip!


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        Okay I Marked a couple places on the picture where I have some questions.

        Circled in Green The bolts, nuts washers hardware...where did you get that at just a general hardware store? I am guessing you can purchase plexiglass at these places too?

        Circled in Red What are those screw things called that the boards, and harddrives are mounted to? Where can I purchase these.

        Lastly, are you talking about grounding each piece individually or together as a whole such as just running the power and the ground and being done? Thanks for all the help.

        My Jeep


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          Just answering the questions from above.
          1. Yup, any hardware store should have the bolts. You can definitly find them along with the plexi in Home Depot/Lowes.
          2. Those are standoffs (they look like they are brass). I'm not sure if a hardware store sells them, but CompUSA does. In the past I've substituted them with nuts.


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            yeah, i just used stove bolts from Home Depot. I got the plexiglas and standoffs from work. I made sure to use washers on each bolt area as well as some automotive loctite so vibrations or movements wouldn't loosen the nuts. Are you planning on a case like this? Just make sure that you don't over tighten nuts on plexiglass or spider cracks will occur. Let me know if you need any other information about this cheesy case of mine :0)