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4 sub fiberglass boxes

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  • 4 sub fiberglass boxes

    i am in the first part of my very first fiberglassing project. i am building a fiberglass box to hold 4 mtx 5500 subs. i really dont have a lot of spare time to waste with shipping! i would like a couple of differnt opinions on this!!

    Can i make the entire structure now, and save some space where i want my tv to go later?

    the space in the middle is where i want them to be! the other two subs will be at the top, facing the rear, tilted outwards!!

    And if so how much space will i need from the tv to the magnets of the subs? cause i seen how magnets distort regular tube tv screens. here is a pic of where i am right now. im thinking i want either one 15 inch tv or two 7inches.
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    4 sub fiberglass boxes

    does anyone have any pics of a fiberglass box with 4 subs?

    and if so how do you get the material you use to cover the skeleton, to cover all the rings and conform to the shape you want? in other words to they all have to portrude to a certain piont where the material contacts every ring?

    im asking beacuse i want to tilt my top speaker rings in oppisite direction of the bottom and i dont want to find out i messed up after i,ve glued the top two in place.

    the image im trying to achieve is the top two subs close to the center facing outward, and the bottom two at the bottom corners of the box tilted slighty upwards and to the rear! i want to make sure i have that little valley in between the top right and bottom left of the left 2 speakers and the top left and bottom right on the right two speakers.

    i hope i could explain it well enough to give you a good mental pic of what i what the end product to come out!!

    here is where im at right now!!
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      Don't post multple threads about the same piece, each with one question.

      It's silly and takes up space needlessly.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        there are so many things you need to know to do what your doing
        your main structure isnt designed enough to do what your trying to do.

        you need sides on the box so you have something for the material to stretch to, unless you plan onstretching that area on the outer edge of the drivers all the way back to the seam in the box, artistically wont look good, build sides.

        you will stretch the entire area with fleece or something the drivers and the tv templates need to be in place and be sturdy.

        if you have concave compounded areas you need to tack them down, usually with a upholstery stapler, another work a round is to have a secondary copy of the ring or tv templates that has rounded corners and is slightly larger, these pieces can be screwed on from the front after resin is applied, to push in all the concave surfaces.

        after that you need at least 6 layes of fiberglass mat, applied over the fleece,
        after this you can do any number of things to gat it straightened out. apply body filler on entire surface, sand down until surface has most large voids filled, some people use fiber reinforced body filler for this, some dont like to sand so they rage gold body filler, you can continue to use a lightweight filler like rage to to get it all smooth, but what I like to do is after the large voids are filled I apply a sprayable polyester filler, applied with a sprayer or a brush, it has better self leveling properties, sand and reapply until totally smooth.

        if you going to pain the piece apply primer, some people will use builder primer for this step to also do some more final anding.

        this is just the basic basic break down, have FUN!


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          You should build proper enclosures for the subs or they're not going to perform very well in just fibreglass.


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            those magnets would make a technicolor kaleidoscope out of a CRT... why aren't you using LCDs in your enclosure? They don't really get bothered by it.
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              how high does the sides need to be?
              and should they be in somesort of shape like i want the box?
              if what i want to do is to complicated what whould be the best route to go from here?
              do i need to make a mdf enclousure for each woofer beacuse of the issue Meakin said with the performance and sound quality?

              also i'll mke sure to get lcds, but what about the issuse with doing that later after the box is finished?


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                building enclosures for the drivers out of MDF saves you, you then dont have to add the tons of layers of mat for strength, and your screen wires wont need to run through the speakers enclosure, because then they would need to be sealed off, its a mess. do this go get the fleece from the fabric store its only a couple backs strech and staple it ver the box "minimally" just to get a look at it, then go from there. you dont have to have the screens but you do need a template piece of wood that is the size of the future screen, go to the store or get measurements fron the mfg and just use wood templates to lift the areas, then later you can cut them out.


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                  i priced it out and i can get a 17' flat panel tv from wal- mart for the same price as 2 7 in lcd headrest or visor monitors. is there any specail wires i need other than av for the tv? whats the best way to power it?


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                    if its not a mobile pc you will need a converter, unless it has a 12v power port.
                    and the subwoofers will prabably mees with the screen you better look into that I have never placed a screen next to a sub, so i dont know if the same effect that happens to a CRT happens to a LCD or other.


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                      2nd day of work

                      well thanks to your posts i have a good idea of what im going to do here is what i did today so far!!

                      "X" marks the spot for the 15 inch lcd hdtv!!

                      tell me what you think!!!!
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                        check out what im replacing this box for. me and my boy did this system in a parking lot on base.



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                          you will need to put a piece in there like I said for the TV, go take measurements.
                          Also the top of those upper rings looks weak, once you strech over that and add the resin, resin shrinks when it hardens, it will bend those upper pieces down and make them non-planar. Also If you wrap out to those sharp points it will look strange. WHat are you doing with the box after glass, Is it just goint to be a box sitting there or are you flushing it into the vehicle, If so you need the outer shape to wrap out to and then the outer shapes of those shapes to flush the whole piece into the car. hope that makes sense.


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                            look at this image, see how the far edge pieces are pieces that are conformed to the vehicle before the boxes are wrapped, but the boxes still just look like blobs in the back of a truck, see why I said you would need to remove the sharp points?


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                              Originally posted by DarquePervert View Post
                              Don't post multple threads about the same piece, each with one question.

                              It's silly and takes up space needlessly.
                              I think figerglass for subs can be a big headache. Over time the bass might cause it to crack and break. I would just use birch wood or atleast 3/4 inche mdf.